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Best of Pedalshift 044: Bicycle Touring Music

This episode we talk about bicycle touring music. It’s such a personal thing, music… but we thought we’d take the time to chat about musical tastes, its role in our bike tours, and then build a cool Spotify playlist for your next tour, or to inspire you to build a new one for yourself. This special mega-sized pod features our friends from the Land of Sunshine and Bunnies™️, Brock Dittus and Aaron Flores of The Sprocket Podcast. Originally podcast March 3, 2016.

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The Pedalshift Project 164: Bikerafting

Inflatable rafts plus touring bikes equals bikerafting! On this episode I chat with longtime friend and bike adventurer Maggie Lonergan about her recent foray into bikerafting the Colorado River near the Hoover Dam, plus more on converting from being a racer and future Scandinavian adventures.
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Group Dynamics on Bicycle Tour

The Pedalshift Project 163: Group Dynamics on Bicycle Tour (Beginner Series)

Guthrie Straw from The Sprocket Podcast joins the show to help out on the third installment of the beginner series. Steve is riding with a group on his upcoming charity ride – what are the things to think about in terms of group dynamics on bicycle tour? We cover camping, riding together, differing skill levels, eating, emergency safety nets and more. Read more

Pedalshift Holiday Spectacular 2018

The Pedalshift Project 147: Pedalshift Holiday Spectacular 2018

The annual Pedalshift Holiday Spectacular is a  year-end chat with Aaron and Guthrie from The Sprocket Podcast on the best things in biking and the podcast, a chat about traversing the Darien Gap plus looking forward to 2019.
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