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The Pedalshift Project 044: Bike touring music

This episode we talk about bike touring music. It’s such a personal thing, music… but we thought we’d take the time to chat about musical tastes, its role in our bike tours, and then build a cool Spotify playlist for your next tour, or to inspire you to build a new one for yourself.
This special mega-sized pod features our friends from the Land of Sunshine and Bunnies™️, Brock Dittus and Aaron Flores of The Sprocket Podcast.

The Pedalshift Project 044: Bike touring music

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The Interview

bike touring musicBe sure to listen to The Sprocket Podcast 286 for part one of our hijinks. Then, come back fed and hydrated because this is a long one. Since this show is of unusual length, here’s the chapter breakdown:
00:00:10    Intro
00:06:21    Brock’s musical preferences
00:14:52    Aaron’s musical preferences
00:24:35    Tim’s music preferences
00:42:44    How we use music with bike touring
00:45:21    Do you like Metal?
00:51:38    Building the Pedalshift/Sprocket Podcast Playlist
00:52:05    Songs for first thing in the morning
00:56:36    Songs for long stretches
01:02:29    Songs for climbs
01:06:20    Sidebar: earbuds or no?
01:10:15    Songs for bombing down hills
01:17:53    Songs for transitioning home
01:21:26    Wildcards!
01:29:33    Thanks Brock and Aaron!
01:30:19    Closing

Bike touring music playlist

Check out the list embedded in the show notes, or if you’re a Spotify user look for Pedalshift Sprocket Project.

The usual music

The Pedalshift Project theme is America courtesy of Jason Kent off his self-titled solo album. Check out his band Sunfields‘ album, Habitat, wherever cool music resides.  I heard Jason’s new album in January and it is AWESOME. More info when that drops this spring!