Brompton over Big Sur

The Pedalshift Project 048: A Brompton California Bike Tour

Back from my Brompton California bike tour, I share my thoughts on the adventure!

The Pedalshift Project 048: A Brompton California Bike TourThe Pedalshift Project 048: A Brompton California Bike Tour (mp3)

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The Journal

A Brompton California bike tour…

The Ride

  • MJ is a great riding companion
  • Pearl rode like a champ although it took a couple of days to get the hang of touring on it.
  • Weather was largely outstanding with one exception
  • If you like coastline, do yourself a giant favor and ride this section (and add on the section from Leggett Hill south to SF too while you’re at it)
  • If you don’t like minimal shoulders and proximity to cars, skip this one.


  • Succeeding on a tour with a Brompton – I’m far from ththe first, but I realized I picked a challenging ride for a first one!
  • Hanging with MJ again
  • Meeting Tim of north 2 north
  • Plaskett Creek to Morro Bay — best day of riding ever? Plus TAILWINDS!
  • Zero mile day in Big Sur
  • The views


  • Losing a day of riding due to rain (but also a highlight)
  • The Bonk
  • Breaking in the Brooks on a tour
  • Blowing a gig of data on GoT ep 1. C’mon! 😉
  • Having to gatecheck Pearl on the return flight


  • Glad I brought the minimal stove… Will always bring something for coffee because I like having the option every morning.
  • Rain gear… Forget forecasts beyond a few days as they’re for entertainment purposes only. Be prepared – we had light wiNdbreakers only and were fortunate not to have been caught in the heavy cold rain like others were. Bring it every time there’s a chance for rain on your tour, and that’s most of the time for most tours!
  • Offline maps – particularly like MapOut on iOS – added in the route and had the sliver of maps in my phone for those sections I had no signal. Worked great.


Big Sur by Brompton
Selfie over Big Sur
Brompton at LAX
Pearl resting in the lights of LAX
Brompton over Big Sur
The Pacific blue
Brompton in SLO
Brompton in SLO
Brompton on Highway 1
Turning back onto Hwy 1
Brompton in eucalyptus grove
Eucalyptus grove
Pearl at Mile 44
Mile 44 because #sportsball

Next tour

Doing the far end of the C&O next weekend… No Tour Journals for this one since it’s on the shorter side but I’ll be taking pics and working on some cool upcoming things for Pedalshift Plus. Speaking of…

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Brompton California Bike Tour

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Featured image: Bixby Bridge (cc) via Flickr.