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The Pedalshift Project 274: Tampa to Disney World Bike Tour Preview

It’s the first tour of 2022, and it’s got, perhaps, a magical twist? I’m escaping the cold northeastern US winter and trading it in for sunshine, and a multiway trek across central Florida on my trusty Brompton. Similar route, totally different finish from  past years… what’s this year’s winter tour look like? Read more

The Pedalshift Project 241: The Microcamper Project – Part 2

Can a person (me) who is barely competent with tools  build out a very strangely shaped 4-door sedan (“it’s not a sedan… it’s a LACROSSE!!”) into a comfortable sleeping pod slash microcamper? Join me on a journey into good intentions, lack of patience, mostly level and somewhat square woodworking , and the birth of a micorcamper built for bike touring. Probably. Maybe.
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Kerry Gross

Best of Pedalshift 115: Women Who Dare with Kerry Gross

Kerry Gross wanted more stories of inspiring women. So, she decided to ride her bike from California to Maine in search of women who inspire others. Now she brings those stories to us via the Women Who Dare podcast, the story of Kerry’s 5,700-mile bike ride and the interviews with these remarkable women. Originally podcast April 26, 2018. Read more

The Pedalshift Project 192: Bicycle Tour Route Full House

The month of MJ concludes like all good trilogies must… with a bang! No Ewoks in part three, but rather a game of Pedalshift Bicycle Tour Route Poker! Each of us chooses five bike tour routes for our “hand,” and then you get to choose who collected the best set.
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