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The Pedalshift Project 161: Stealth Camping Tips for Bike Touring

Stealth camping lets bike tourists keep costs down and ride more miles per day… but is it right for you? On this episode, we cover stealth camping upsides, downsides, tips, philosophies, risks, and some thoughts on the number one question… what to do if you get caught! Read more

Best of Pedalshift 010: Pacific Coast Bike Tour

Originally podcast December 22, 2014. In the summer of 2014, I took 6 weeks to ride the Pacific coast from Victoria, BC to the US-Mexico border. I recorded a 2-5 minute audio entry every day for the Tour Journals podcast to share the more detailed aspects of the ride, but always intended to edit and condense it into a more manageable length to share my Pacific Coast bike tour here.

Best of Pedalshift 010: Pacific Coast Bike Tour

The Pedalshift Project 155: Cross-Florida Bike Tour, Part 3

Day 3 was the longest ride of the trilogy… over 60 miles that captured so much of Florida’s landscape… from congested suburban Orlando to a lengthy shoulderless 60mph strip of asphalt through a rural stretch of grazing land to the Atlantic coast that beckoned in Cocoa Beach. I was running out of Florida, but still had some work to do.
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