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James Rosenburg Astoria, OR

The Pedalshift Project 135: Lessons from riding the TransAm across America

He’s no longer a beginner, but Pedalshift Beginners Series alum James Rosenberg checks in after his (spoiler alert) epic and successful ride across the United States on the TransAm. We cover his favorite experiences, best and worst gear choices, and much more.
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bicycle touring france

The Pedalshift Project 129: Bicycle touring France

Bonjour from France! Although I’m in Paris for a non-bike touring related work trip, being in the City of Light has me thinking about a future trip out here with my bike. On this episode, we cover all things bike touring France… tips on camping, traveling, handling language differences, and much more.

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bicycle tour tools

The Pedalshift Project 128: Must-have bicycle tour tools

If you’re going on a bike tour, you’re usually confronted with a situation that requires a fix or an adjustment. On this episode of The Pedalshift Project we explore bicycle tour toolkits: what you must bring, what you should bring, and maybe a few things you haven’t thought about. 

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The Pedalshift Project 120: Touring Alaska on and off a tandem

Ella Embree is a born and bred Alaskan with a big sense of adventure. Recently Ella was inspired by Lael Wilcox to tackle a new adventure – bicycle touring 1000 miles around her home state, some on a tandem. On this episode we chat on the eve of the first leg!

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The Pedalshift Project 116: A final check-in before riding the TransAm across America

The final installment of this edition of the Pedalshift Beginners Series with James Rosenberg as he sits with me in Washington, DC a few days before he begins his ride across the United States on the TransAm. We cover final prep plans, things you might not think about as a first-timer and more!

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The Pedalshift Project 115: Women Who Dare – seeking stories of inspiring women by bike

Kerry Gross wanted more stories of inspiring women. So, she decided to ride her bike from California to Maine in search of women who inspire others. Now she brings those stories to us via the Women Who Dare podcast, the story of Kerry’s 5,700-mile bike ride and the interviews with these remarkable women.

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Winter touring bike maintenance

The Pedalshift Project 104: Winter touring bike maintenance

You might not be riding through snow and ice, but winter is a time to take stock of your bicycle’s condition for future tours. On this episode of the pod, winter touring bike maintenance, including care after icy rides and some tips on keeping your drivetrain clean and happy during the harshest season! Read more

The Pedalshift Project 090: A Southern Tier Bicycle Tour

Friend of the show and Pedalshift Society member Mark van Raam checked one off the bucket list this year… a cross country ride on the southern tier bicycle tour route across the US. From deserts, to mountains, to encounters in the deep south, this was a trip of a lifetime! On this episode of the pod, we chat with Mark and get his thoughts on the adventure, what it was like being in an organized tour, and what might be next.

The Pedalshift Project 090: A Southern Tier Bicycle TourHey it’s the direct download link for The Pedalshift Project 090: A Southern Tier Bicycle Tour (mp3)

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Pedalshift Tour Journals Vol.8: Western Penn


Available now at Pedalshift Plus!

Hey I’m riding the Pacific Coast again!

I’m planning on an October tour from Newport, OR to San Francisco, revisiting a section of the 2014 full coast ride and one I just adore. Looking forward to sharing more details with you in a future pod!

The Journal: A Southern Tier bicycle tour with Mark van Raam

  • What was the drive behind biking across country? Did you choose the southern tier for a specific reason?
  • You rode with a unique sounding tour leader… how did you get acquainted with Bubba?
  • Your buddy Robb came along too. How important was it to have someone you knew ride with you from the start?
  • You’re a fellow Novara Safari rider (let’s pour one out for this discontinued beauty!). How did it perform and would you recommend it for an organized tour where you ride less loaded than self-supported or would you have rather ridden a lighter bike?
  • With nearly three weeks in one state… did Texas ever feel like it was going to end? I hear it’s big.
  • You met some interesting people on the trip… astronauts, friends of Ray Charles… who was the one that stood out to you and why?
  • What was the most challenging time on tour?
  • We love each and every state in this fine country. But you had to have had a favorite one and one that wasn’t your favorite on this route… tell us each one and why.
  • How long did it take to readjust to coming home afterwards?
  • You’ve mentioned this is a one and done thing. What smaller routes are catching your eye for next tour?
  • Marks’s tour was organized by Bubba’s Pampered Pedalers

A Southern Tier Bicycle Tour


Velo Cetera in Oz

Hi from Australia! Thanks heaps for your podcast, it’s my listening staple on my commute to and from work each week. Thought I’d share a video of my 9yo daughter’s first overnight bicycle trip here in Australia. She’s also a big fan of The Pedalshift Project – we listened to 7 hours worth of episodes last weekend on our road trip to and from the start point of our ride! 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️👍

More connections are rolling in and I have some super cool ones to share in a future pod!

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You’ve been hearing about Jason Kent and his music for many fine episodes. I got news for ya. New. Sunfields. Album. SEPTEMBER 15th. I’ve heard it. It’s top notch.