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The Pedalshift Project 153: Cross-Florida Bike Tour, Part 1

Central Florida has a thousand personalities. Sure, we all know the theme parks, and the big cities of Tampa and Orlando, but there are also huge swaths of barely developed pastures, orange groves, irrigation canals and lakes to catch a cyclists’ eye while pedaling the miles away. A lot of people come to Florida to escape the chill of winter and return with stories and surprises. This tour was no different! Read more

Great American Rail-Trail

The Pedalshift Project 152: The Great American Rail-Trail

The Great American Rail-Trail, a bold project recently launched by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, is a proposed network of nearly 4000 miles of off-road trails linking Washington, DC to the outskirts of Seattle, WA. On this episode, we chat with Kevin Mills of RTC to get the scoop on this exciting project and what to expect in the years to come.
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The Pedalshift Project 150: Bicycle Touring Beginners Series 2019

A  new year and a new beginners series! On the 150th edition of the Pedalshift Project, we kick off the Bicycle Touring Beginners Series  by meeting this year’s cyclist and road map some of the topics we’ll cover as we check in over the next several months. Plus, updates on meetups and more!
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The Pedalshift Project 148: Riding Your Bike to the Airport

We kick off the year with a question people ask me before every trip – are you riding your bike to the airport? On this episode… tips on how to do it! Plus – a major tour announcement, a gaggle of Pedalshift winter meetups and the next live show announcement! Read more

Pedalshift Holiday Spectacular 2018

The Pedalshift Project 147: Pedalshift Holiday Spectacular 2018

The annual Pedalshift Holiday Spectacular is a  year-end chat with Aaron and Guthrie from The Sprocket Podcast on the best things in biking and the podcast, a chat about traversing the Darien Gap plus looking forward to 2019.
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The Pedalshift Project 146: Bicycle touring the Gulf Coast

A great conversation for your holiday travel! Keith Spangler and I chat about his bicycle touring adventures, starting with his state circumnavigation, to his epic Gulf Coast tour this year. We cover lessons learned, the kindness of people you meet along the way, and evaluating the decisions you made as you’re looking back.

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The Pedalshift Project 144: Tour Journals Vol. 12: Great Allegheny Passage by Brompton, Takeaways

The Great Allegheny Passage is arguably one of the premier bicycle touring routes in the eastern half of the United States. It stretches from Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland, MD over a gloriously mountainy 150 miles of crushed limestone paralleling some of the great rivers of western Pennsylvania. My plan was to grab a cheap bus to Pittsburgh and grab the train home at the end of my ride. On this edition of the Journal, my takeaways from a short but sneakily fun tour.

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