Pedalshift Live

What: Watch me talk into a microphone — SOMEPLACE — live from a computer!

No, really what?: For real. Live podcast. Thrilling mic technique displayed in real time!

Ok, so… when?: Hey that went well! Look for a new live show this spring!

Key question. WHY?: Pre-recording and post-recording banter, a chance to get into the show itself, plus a way to connect in real-time.

So, no pod that week?: Nope, the pod will be released the following Thursday.. you just get to join in the production in real time. As an added bonus, the video will stay up after the fact over on the Pedalshift YouTube channel… just in case you miss out on the real-time production.

How do I join in?: Come back here the day of the next one. It hasn’t been announced yet – June maybe?