Thanksgiving ride
Banks of the Potomac

The Pedalshift Project 063: A Thanksgiving ride on the C&O

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the States (sorry, a bit late for you Canada!). On this episode of the Pedalshift Project, let’s go for a ride! I recorded this week’s pod in the saddle while I rode a portion of the C&O Canal Towpath, including some stories, some gear talk and more. Take a break from the holiday weekend and join me for a Thanksgiving ride on the trail!

The Pedalshift Project 063: A Thanksgiving ride on the C&OHey it’s the direct download link: The Pedalshift Project 063: A Thanksgiving ride on the C&O (mp3)

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The Journal: a Thanksgiving ride on the C&O

Thanksgiving ride
Chilly 35F wake up temps
Thanksgiving ride
Banks of the Potomac
Thanksgiving ride
Fall on the C&O
Thanksgiving ride
Sled dogs pulling a fatbike
Thanksgiving ride
Ride to see the cows
Thanksgiving ride
Ride to see the pigs
Thanksgiving ride

Gear Talk

Let’s talk tools Tim.  In episode 22 of The Pedalshift Project you speak with author Peter Rice; and by extension, Jerry the Dirtbag Bike Mechanic.  Peter makes a valid point when he says that we willingly climb into our cars and take them across the desert without fear or concern of them breaking down.  And by extension, without any knowledge of how to fix them if they did breakdown.
So why oh why does every touring gear list include the tool set-up of a basic bike shop?  In 40+ years of riding bikes I’ve never popped a spoke.  Never had reason to remove a sprocket.  Never re-packed a bottom bracket.  Never had a chain break.  Never had to replace my own brake/shifter cable on the road.
No day rider, even long distance day riders, go out with these concerns.  And even if I did break a spoke, I’m not certain I would know how to fix it properly anyway.  And most certainly not in a timely manner.
Tubes, tire levers, patch kit, pump, hex wrenches to tighten bolts and adjust parts.  I get all that.  But when you think back on your years of bike riding and touring, what is the actual and practical tool kit that you think the average ACA route bike tourist realistically needs?

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The Pedalshift Project theme is America courtesy of Jason Kent off his self-titled solo album which celebrated its TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY this week. Congrats Jason! Check out his band Sunfields‘ album, Habitat, wherever cool music resides.  I heard Jason’s new album in January and it is AWESOME. More info when that drops!