Brock Dittus

The Pedalshift Project 002: Brock Dittus of The Sprocket Podcast

Brock Dittus of the The Sprocket Podcast joins The Pedalshift Project for a discussion on simpler living, bike touring plans while being “houseless by choice” and all about the great city of Portland, Oregon. Plus we open up The Journal and check out summer touring plans and experiment with dehydrating food in The Lab. It’s 40-something minutes of fun jammed into episode 002.

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Featured on this episode:

The Journal

A discussion on my trip from Portland to Fargo, with stops at Glacier and TR National Parks along the way

The Lab

Experiments in dehydration.


More on secondary incomes, touching on whether bike tours can pay for themselves.

The Interview – Brock Dittus of The Sprocket Podcast

Brock Dittus of The Sprocket PodcastBrock Dittus has been a Pacific Northwest resident for his entire life, with the last decade spent in Portland, Oregon. He enjoys bicycling, camping, and exploring in the outdoors, and when it’s raining prefers coffee, books, and talk radio. He’s had a passion for long-distance bicycle touring since his first in 2008, and is always interested in innovative solutions to car-free living while at home in the city. Music is a constant companion in Brock’s life, and he says, “it’s always nice to have vinyl records, an iPod, or a guitar on hand to fuel that fire.” He’s hosted The Sprocket Podcast since 2010. You can follow Brock’s podcast side on Twitter at @sprocketpodcast.


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