The Pedalshift Project 098: Financing bicycle tours

“How do you afford bicycle touring?” I get that question from time to time… on this episode, we look at micro financing bicycle tours, including ideas on how to save and earn in small amounts for big adventures.

The Pedalshift Project 098: Financing bicycle toursHey it’s the direct download link for The Pedalshift Project 098: Financing bicycle tours (mp3)

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The march to Pedalshift 100

The Pedalshift Project 100
We’re doing a joint meet up slash holiday spectacular live and in person. Friday 12/1 7pm at Beermongers and SE Division and 12th in Portland, OR! Details also here.
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Next week will be American Thanksgiving and a repodcast of the C&O Thanksgiving ride from episode 063.

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Re-Confirmed… you CAN get over the slide near Big Sur! From listener Brian B:

I just got back from my trip on the Pacific Coast (on the Brompton) with my Father and made it through the slide. I figured I would give you an update since I heard you talk about it in your last podcast. They have both ends of the road blocked(8ish mile stretch) with security at each end and a no bikes sign. The south side being right past Salmon Creek trailhead (good stealth camping beside the garage) and right after Gorda. The key to getting through is waiting until security leaves at 6:30ish + another hour or so to be safe. The construction crew usually comes into the cafe as most of them are staying there so you just kinda sneak around in the shadows past the gate which is easy to get around. We then rode by moonlight until the slide which is just a couple switchbacks in dirt to the old road, then continued by moonlight only as to not be detected. It was kind of funny because while waiting at the cafe we ran into another cyclist we met a few days earlier doing the same thing as well as a Dutch fellow. It was really cool with 4 loaded tourists riding the coast just by moonlight.

Brian’s YouTube Channel

The Lab – Micro financing bicycle tours

– Old school coin jar or automatic savings plan from banks like CapOne
– Sell. Some. Stuff.
– Funnel all gift giving holidays into a tour (gear, ask for $, etc.)
– Location independent side hustles (data entry, web design, etc.)
– Rent out your place while you’re gone (Airbnb, etc.)
Mini story: collecting bottles and cans on the road pays for some touring grub

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You’ve been hearing about Jason Kent and his music for many fine episodes. I got news for ya. New. Sunfields. Album. Is. Out.  I’ve heard it. It’s top notch. Go get it.

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