Pedalshift Society

Support the show and get a shoutout in the closing credits… become a member of the Pedalshift Society! Not only will you be helping out with the costs of the show, you’ll be mentioned in the closing credits along with Jason Kent, which means after he wins his Juno you can say “hey, I opened for Jason Kent on a podcast once… sort of!”

pedalshift society

The Pedalshift Society isn’t a tip jar or a hard sell. It’s just another way to say, “I like what you’re doing and I’d like to see more.” Everyone is a friend of the show no matter what! All transactions are handled by PayPal and you can use whatever payment method you’d prefer and they take. This will be recurring, monthly support but you can cancel anytime with a click or two.

Monthly support

$1/month lends a hand with the website hosting. It’s the hub of everything, so this is a huge boost.

$1/month recurring

$2/month helps to defray the costs of the podcast itself. From mics to audio hosting costs, this adds up. You. Rock.

$2/month recurring

$5/month means I can start thinking bigger, like Pedalshift apps and tour guides of cool places like the Pacific Coast and the C&O.

$5/month recurring

Pedalshift Society member but you need to gracefully peace out? You rock… thank you for your support… here’s the eject button:

cancel recurring membership

Annual support

These are one-shot, non-recurring, non-renewing ways to support the show if you’d prefer not getting into the month-to-month thing.

$15 annual membership

$30/year annual membership

$60/year annual membership

Choose your own adventure one-time support

None of these are right? Plug in what you’d like here… anything and everything is appreciated! Anything more than $15 gets you in the Society for a year too!