Pedalshift 100

Ladies and gentlemen… the century edition of The Pedalshift Project.

The Pedalshift Project 100


The 100th episode of the pod will be available as an on-demand podcast, just like the previous 099 (pour one out for the leading zero soon!). But, but, but…

Let’s have a party?

Where: Portland, Oregon, precise location TBA

When: Friday, December 1… or Saturday December 2. Look, it’s not totally nailed down, y’know? Also, time? TBA.

What: Also not 100% nailed down, however at minimum we’re looking at adult beverages and hanging out (the kids call it a meetup). We might have more. Crazy ideas even.

Special guests: Of course. Also TBA.

Look, do you know anything substantive about this? It’s called a soft announce for a reason. If you’re not in Portland and have the insane idea that this is worth traveling for, you’ve been given the official heads up.

More to come here, in the newsletter and the 090s editions of the pod.