The Pedalshift Project 113: Training for your first bike tour

The Pedalshift Project 113: Training for your first bike tour

So it’s your first bike tour and you have no idea where to begin… that’s where the Pedalshift Beginners Series comes in! On this edition, we cover training (especially when you’re off the bike) plus raising funds if your ride has a charitable component!

The Pedalshift Project 113: Training for your first bike tour

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The Interview – training for your first bike tour + more

Is training is overrated? Riding into shape as a (less-than-ideal) strategy.
What I think is important:
1- Getting used to time in saddle – hard to approximate without actually touring or doing super long weekend rides. Do it if you can.
2- Hill training – I trained mileage but not hills before I did the CA coast the first time, and I found hill training for hills is super important
Non bicycle training – quads and hamstrings.
Cardio? I don’t think it’s as necessary!
Watching your diet is probably as important as anything else – but YMMV on what that means.
Fundraising goals and woes 
“Early money is like yeast – it raises the dough.”
Friends and family
Higher end experiences for donors versus your social media followers.
From FOTS and Pedalshift Society member Ethan Georgie
Years ago I backed Russ & Laura on Indiegogo & they sent me a postcard & some nicknacks from the road. Still have that stuff. Way better than an Instagram post. 
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