The Pedalshift Project 094: Pacific Coast Bicycle Tour Preview

My fall 2017 Pacific Coast bicycle tour kicks off in less than a week! On this episode, a tour preview plus tips for working remotely on bike tour!

The Pedalshift Project 094: Pacific Coast Bicycle Tour Preview

Hey it’s the direct download link for The Pedalshift Project 094: Pacific Coast Bicycle Tour Preview (mp3)

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The march to Pedalshift 100

The Pedalshift Project 100

I have something special lined up for episode 100. We’ll have friends of the show as special guests and we’ll chat all about the usual nonsense. But but but… there’s more. We’re doing a joint meet up slash holiday spectacular live and in person. Details to be announced in the interview! Details also here.


The Journal

Pacific Coast Bicycle Tour Preview

The route

The next tour is Newport, OR to San Francisco in October!

Driving a one way rental from PDX to Newport rather than do the bus. Cost is higher but with transfers necessary, I thought it was better to do it this way. Added flexibility of leaving when I want and being able to do a supply run before handing the car over in Newport.

Ride details

13 days of riding, 13 nights of camping
Planned short day of 31 miles (extra time in the redwoods)
Longest planned day is 71 miles (Humbug Mountain to Crescent City)
Riding solo but catching up with MJ at the end of the ride

Pod plans?

No live show this go around due to the spotty connectivity for stretches of the ride. Certainly recording, and maybe even getting some video content for the ol YouTube channel.

Miscellaneous Details

Hoping to get some looks at some of the sights, including the dunes in Oregon.
Not sure what the weather will have in store… it should be pretty mild and dry BUUUUUUT the weather these days is throwing more curve balls than you can shake a mixed metaphor at. So I’ll be ready for everything from high heat days to cold nights and wet riding.
Hoping to ride light. Making an adjustment to the Green Goblin to get a small platform rack on the front, not dissimilar to Sequoia sempervirens so I can bring a little more weight to the front. Due to a quirk combination of narrower handlebars and wider handlebar bag, I needed to get an extender to make this possible (and when all is said and done it might not work).

Why this ride again?

I love it. I haven’t done this stretch since my big 2014 ride, and there’s something about crossing the Golden Gate as your finish line. It also opens things up for next year when I’m looking to do some newer rides given my more flexible schedule.
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The Lab

Tools to work remotely

bike touring music

  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
  • Screen sharing apps
  • Autoresponders on emails
  • Push notifications on apps (Airbnb for example)
  • Consider multiple devices or multiple cellular network SIMs

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You’ve been hearing about Jason Kent and his music for many fine episodes. I got news for ya. New. Sunfields. Album. Is. Out.  I’ve heard it. It’s top notch. Go get it.

Check Jason and Sunfields on tour too:
10/20 Sherbrooke, QC – La Petite Boit Noire