Morning bike touring checklist

The Pedalshift Project 092: Morning bicycle touring checklist

Breaking news on the personal front (all good for the pod, mind you!) plus a great morning bicycle touring checklist to give your ride a proper once-over before you get rolling!

The Pedalshift Project 092: Morning bicycle touring checklistHey it’s the direct download link for The Pedalshift Project 092: Morning bicycle touring checklist (mp3)

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Big changes

Kimberly sold the yoga studios and I’m now a full-time consultant! That means I’m more location independent, so I think that means big things for bigger, better, and cooler bike tours to share with you!
Interested in podcasting, website redesign, or consulting for business, communications, marketing or other things like that? Check out the details over at Want to hear more about the decisions we made in selling the businesses? Check out Tranquility du Jour #404. Now, look at the picture that makes my life look pretty damn good (that’s Belle Starr, the bike touring pug on my lap!).


Hey I’m riding the Pacific Coast again!

I’m planning on an October tour from Newport, OR to San Francisco, revisiting a section of the 2014 full coast ride and one I just adore. Looking forward to sharing more details with you in a future pod!

The march to Pedalshift 100

The Pedalshift Project 100

I have something special lined up for episode 100. We’ll have friends of the show Brock and Aaron as special guests and we’ll chat all about the usual nonsense. But but but… there’s more. We’re looking to do a joint meet up slash holiday spectacular live and in person the first weekend in December in Portland, Oregon. Details to come

Morning bicycle touring checklist

1. Test quick-releases for proper closure.

2. Check that your wheels are seated correctly.

3. Test your stem tightness.

4. Check tire pressure.

5. Tighten loose grips—they can send you over the handlebars.

6. Test the brakes.

7. Make sure your seat is tight.

8. Inspect your chain.

9. Lube your chain.

10. Inspect your tires.

11. Check yourself for lose clothing or hanging straps that could get caught in a wheel.

12. Check your helmet for visible damage.


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You’ve been hearing about Jason Kent and his music for many fine episodes. I got news for ya. New. Sunfields. Album. SEPTEMBER 15th. I’ve heard it. It’s top notch.

Check Jason and Sunfields on tour too:
09/08 London, UK – Biddle Bros
09/16 Montreal, QC – O Patro Vys (Pop Montreal)
10/20 Sherbrooke, QC – La Petite Boit Noire