The Pedalshift Project 017: Brewing the best bike tour coffee and the right stove for you may be none at all

It’s April and we’re all itching to get out on tour – on this episode of The Pedalshift Project we talk about a quick overnight tour as fodder for episode 018, brewing the best cup of bike tour coffee outside, to stove or not to stove, and much more.

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The Journal

Reminder to share your April overnight stories! All month long we’ll feature Pedalshifters trips big and small. Pics, audio or a quick tweet – all welcome. Email the show or call the brand new Pedalshift voicemail line at (202) 930-1109.

In two weeks we have a special treat – I’ll be tagging along with Nathan Clevenger on Day 1 of his cross-country tour starting outside of DC. We’ll have some sounds from the first day and an interview with Nathan about Simple Touring.

The Lab

Making the best bike tour coffeebike tour coffee pourover

  • Is instant good enough for your needs?
  • Aeropress or pour over?
  • Pre-ground coffee or hand grinder?

The next lock? LITELOK on Kickstarter

  • FOTS MJ wonders if this would stand up to a butane lighter. Unclear if it can withstand a melt/burn option, but this feels like the future to me.

Gear Talk

  • To stove or not to stove?
  • Ultralights, including alcohol stoves
  • Jetboils and other “burly” stoveslit alcohol stove
  • Real talk: do you even need to bring a stove? Arguments for a stove-free tour.


Five stars!

Very informative and relaxing – by Jrockfbm – Love listening to this podcast, it’s easy to understand and I really like the different portions of the show. 

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FOTS Ethan Georgi on our bike maintenance topic from episode 016 had a good story about tire blowout

FOTS Johnny K as usual ALL over the comments, but had some smart things to say about coffee on the road and the choices you have to make to bring a stove to make it.

FOTS Scott Morgan once again is the best advocate of the show on Twitter in front of the Bike School crowd. Ditto with Pete from the UK and @CycleTourStore. Thanks again Scott and Pete!

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