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The Pedalshift Project 082: Biking Lake Erie to the Potomac

The June tour I was supposed to do and the June tour I’m going to do… two very different things! On this week’s pod, we explore a draft spur to the Eastern Express for biking Lake Erie to the Potomac River: Cleveland to DC! Plus, the trip I’m actually tackling next week!

The Pedalshift Project 082: Biking Lake Erie to the PotomacHey it’s the direct download link for The Pedalshift Project 082: Biking Lake Erie to the Potomac (mp3)

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The Journal: Biking Lake Erie to the Potomac

An update to Episode 079 on the Eastern Express!

– The route has changed to take advantage of some better routing (check it out)
– I discovered an alternate spur I was *going* to try out this week that started literally on the shores of Lake Erie and ending in DC… but some work stuff popped up and I needed to postpone. But let’s talk about it!

PLEASE NOTE: this is a route I have not personally ridden. For the road portions, please be aware the route could, in fact, suck.

Ride with GPS routing
Bridgeport Quarry Trailhead Massilion, OH (65)
Ride with GPS routing
Tappan Lake SP (53)
Ride with GPS routing
Cecil Henderson campsite (70)
Ride with GPS routing
GAP 43.7 to West Newton + 26 to Connellsville, PA (69)
GAP 27 to Confluence + 18.5 to Rockwood, PA (45.5)
Cumberland, MD (44)
Hancock, MD
Harpers Ferry, WV

For Cumberland to Hancock, check out the Pedalshift Guide to the C&O!

Thoughts: the tricky and question mark sections I was willing to be a guinea pig for are the road sections between the Ohio and Erie Towpath and Tappan Lake, and then from Tappan Lake to Steubenville. Apparently Steubenville is a bit of a hot mess, so much so that the Eastern Express now avoids it. That said, it connects so well with the Panhandle Trail, avoiding a lot of miles, I was going to give it a shot.

Ohioans? Any thoughts?

Next week’s alternative tour

I have fewer days than I’d like, but I want to get a gander at the Steubenville situation… so I’m taking a train to Connellsville, biking to Steubenville, then turning back and taking the GAP back to Cumberland and possibly the C&O from there. Depending on how long all of this takes I’ll be getting another fast forward home.

– Creating the beginnings for a Pedalshift Guide to the GAP!
– A daily checkin for newsletter subscribers (look for an email Sunday for details)
– Recording more than the checkin with the possibility of a new Tour Journal
– Pics and more on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Next week…

How to deal with a wet tent on tour… hopefully the advice isn’t prophetic for my ride 😉

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You’ve been hearing about Jason Kent and his music for 79 fine episodes. I got news for ya. New. Sunfields. Album. This August.