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The Pedalshift Project 068: Basic skills you should have before going on tour

What are some of the basic skills you should have before heading out on tour? On this episode, I cover the 4 things I recommend you know!

The Pedalshift Project 068: Basic skills you should have before going on tourHey it’s the direct download link for The Pedalshift Project 068: Basic skills you should have before going on tour (mp3)

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Basic skills you should have before going on tour

  • flat repairs
    • YouTube videos
    • Your local LBS often has “how to” sessions
    • Local bike co-ops
  • understanding your spokes
    • Spokes are *really* necessary – they create equal tension across the wheel to maintain the perfectly round shape
    • If one spoke gets loose, the wheel loses its true
    • A tool I always recommend you carry: a spoke tensioner.
    • You can always notice a loose spoke… if the opposite one is tight, tighten the loose one.
    • If the spokes are all over the place, visit a bike shop in the next town
  • brake adjustment
    • Learn how to adjust the pad placement
    • Learn how to adjust the tension on the calipers
    • For disc brake people… understand how to replace a pad, and how to handle a bent disc. Also be aware of heating up discs on long decents (a squirt of water is your friend here)
  • saddle adjustment
    • Generally: the saddle should flat, unless that’s not comfortable for you
    • You want the saddle back so you’re pedaling straight down.
    • Pain in the knees? Very likely a saddle issue. Do some micro adjustments and knee pain will very likely go away!
    • Saddle perfect! Great! Mark it in sharpie so you don’t need to do it again!

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