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The Pedalshift Project 146: Bicycle touring the Gulf Coast

A great conversation for your holiday travel! Keith Spangler and I chat about his bicycle touring adventures, starting with his state circumnavigation, to his epic Gulf Coast tour this year. We cover lessons learned, the kindness of people you meet along the way, and evaluating the decisions you made as you’re looking back.

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Pedalshift 074 fast forward your bike tour

The Pedalshift Project 074: Fast forward your bike tour

On this topic show, we tackle one of my favorites… how to fast forward your bike tour. It’s your ride… make it the best you can by bypassing parts you don’t want, catching up on a schedule or accommodating an extra day in a cool spot!

Hey it’s the direct download link for The Pedalshift Project 074: Fast forward your bike tourThe Pedalshift Project 074: Fast forward your bike tour (mp3)

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Fast forward your bike tour!

Fast forwards – it’s not cheating, it’s your tour
WHY? Why the hell not?
  • Avoiding weather
  • Avoiding climbs
  • Avoiding dodgy roads
  • Making up for zero mile days or staying on track during one
  • Skipping boring stretches to get to better ones
What works for fast forwarding?
  • Mass transit agencies
  • Regional rail
  • Amtrak
  • Intercity busses
  • Hitching
  • Plan ahead – download all the schedules and store on your phone or (gasp!) print them out. Many transit agencies still print their maps and schedules and either post them at stops or you can pick them up in town.
  • Pro tip: know when some transit modes restrict bikes (hint: usually rush hour)
  • Ask around! You’ll learn a lot from transit pros in any given town.

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