The Pedalshift Project 339: PDX-SF2x - Takeaways

The Pedalshift Project 339: PDX-SF2x – Takeaways

Weeks after the conclusion of my unusually successful adventure combining cycling and transit, what are my big takeaways? On this edition, the benefit of hindsight helps to put the trip into perspective!

The Pedalshift Project 339: PDX-SF2x - Takeaways

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PDX-SF2x – Takeaways

Day 1’s takeaway – it’s never as bad as you think it is (unless, of course it is)
Disappointed in the bike work but it could easily be my mistake too
The rack bolt shearing off was absolutely saved by work they did too
Not sure if the lost gear inches are worth throwing out a perfectly good cassette. Will have plenty of time to mull it over
Day 2’s takeaway – always be ready for bus racks that are broken or missing
It turned out fine, but it’s a great reminder that reliance on transit puts you at the whims of all sorts of elements beyond the schedule!
Day 3’s takeaway – triple check for that phone (and your wallet and…)
There are 2 things I really need to make sure are on me at all times and really one
Phone can somewhat replace a wallet, wallet can get you a new phone
ID for travel may be most important of all
Phone does so much for so many of us – entertainment, communications, directions
Charger may be as important too
First time I may buy into the no-electronics argument. Overreliance?
Day 4’s takeaway – touring is about people more than biking
The longish bus ride down the coast exposed me to the mini community of the driver and locals that rely on the service
So many of us have multiple options to move, so it’s great to have the perspective of those that don’t and a great driver that facilitates it
Transit does more than move people, and that’s why we shouldn’t demand it drive a profit
Day 5’s takeaways – It’s definitely Newark and connecting systems are magic
It’s Newark, it just is
Reflecting on MJ’s comment about how all of the chances of failure balanced with how the busses from Brookings to Fortuna just… worked!
One of the two or three transit flips that were critical to this not ending with a thud
Day 6’s takeaways – zip ties are non-negotable brings and I’m glad I pushed myself
Zip ties saved the trip and I’m not sure what my options were without them
Day 6 was pretty much my limit but an earlier start may have made it easier, even though it wasn’t possible with the bus schedule
(Another critical bus!)
Day 7’s takeaway – CA gets hot people!
There wasn’t a chance in hell I could have cycled in that
More power to people that do, but I’m actively choosing against rides with any possibilith of that heat and I know that really limits things
Final days takeaways – it was a quick stay in SF but the Golden Gate Bridge is a stellar finish line

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