The Pedalshift Project 148: Riding Your Bike to the Airport

We kick off the year with a question people ask me before every trip – are you riding your bike to the airport? On this episode… tips on how to do it! Plus – a major tour announcement, a gaggle of Pedalshift winter meetups and the next live show announcement!

Pedalshift 148 - Riding your bike to the airport

Hey it’s the direct download link for  The Pedalshift Project 148: Riding Your Bike to the Airport (mp3).

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Tour Announcement

I need a winter tour! February! Florida!
I’ll be rolling my own route across central Florida from Tampa on the gulf coast to Cocoa Beach on the east. The locals that ride a slightly different route the other direction call it the XFL (like “Cross Florida”). I’m liking that so Pedalshift Tour Journals Vol. 13: XFL is a go!


  • Three days across Central Florida
  • Brompton – which needed a new tire and I was rewarded to do that at BicycleSpace because the mechanic found a loose brake that was giving me problems I didn’t realize
  • First non-camping tour ever!
  • Three modes of overnights: room in a home Airbnb, hotel, and staying on a boat in Cocoa Beach!
  • Lots of sidewalks and semi-dicey roads (in other words, Florida!)
  • I may be rocking a visit to someplace Disney-ish
  • Planning on this being a full ride, but I’m open to fast forwards where conditions dictate (cough cough Kissimmee)
  • ALSO… anyone interested in a meetup? If you are, let’s do it! Saturday afternoon 2/9 in Orlando, precise time and location TBA. Let me know at and also let me know if you have an idea for a foody-beerish spot that might be a good place.
  • Much more to come in the preview episode 151 on 1/31

More housekeeping

  • Podcast sponsor slots are available… check out for more info. Bike touring or bike touring adjacent products or services welcome! Also, sponsorships can be a cool shoutout to tour milestones or people or groups you’ve toured with… kind of like buying a brick with your name on it.
  • The Oregon DOT is doing an online open house on the future plans for the Oregon Coast Bike Route. Check it out at before the end of January and give your two cents.

Live shows

  • Miles of Portraits touring the US – join us for the two DC area events where I’ll be MCing and helping out the Q&A… Tyson’s REI on 1/22 and DC REI on 1/24. Both are 6:30-8:30pm. Immediately following the event on 1/24 we’re going to be doing a Pedalshift/Miles of Portraits meetup at a very close-by spot- Wunder Garten. The event and meetup are both free to attend, but Miles of Portraits magazine will be available for purchase and so will adult beverages and food at the meetup locale. Come hang out at the first meetup of 2019!
  • Can’t get to DC? Pedalshift LIVE is online in living color Friday February 22 at 9pm ET! It will be the wrap up show for the XFL tour… takeways and a whole lot more. We’ll do another AMA session too, so send me your bike touring or non-bike touring questions to or come and ask in the chat box the night of. 39th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice. That’s how we roll.

The Lab: Riding your bike to the airport

  • Do a dry run
  • Biking vs cars reverse efficiency at the end
  • Locking choices
  • Bike to carry transition
  • Sweating and scrutiny
  • Buffer time
  • Some airports are best unbiked

Pedalshift Society

As always we like to close out the show with a special shoutout to the Pedalshift Society! Because of support from listeners like you, Pedalshift is a weekly bicycle touring podcast with a global community, expanding into live shows and covering new tours like my upcoming XFL trip this winter! If you like what you hear, you can support the show for 5 bucks, 2 bucks or even a buck a month. And there’s one-shot and annual options if you’re not into the small monthly thing. Check it all out at

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