The Pedalshift Project 150: Bicycle Touring Beginners Series 2019

A  new year and a new beginners series! On the 150th edition of the Pedalshift Project, we kick off the Bicycle Touring Beginners Series  by meeting this year’s cyclist and road map some of the topics we’ll cover as we check in over the next several months. Plus, updates on meetups and more!

Pedalshift 150: Bicycle touring beginners series 2019

Hey it’s the direct download link for  The Pedalshift Project 150: Bicycle Touring Beginners 2019 (mp3).

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  • XFL Tour: I’ll be rolling my own route across central Florida from Tampa on the gulf coast to Cocoa Beach on the east. Preview episode drops in two weeks!
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Meetups & Live Shows

Five Stars

I’ve just not realized that my five-star review reads have been limited to US Apple Podcasts because that’s what I can see… until now! Canada, Australia and the UK, I can see you!

Newest five star shouts:

Dale Maclaren
A fantastic podcast that motivates me to get in the saddle and turn the crank
FAB_5000 via Apple Podcasts ·Canada ·01/02/2019
From someone with no business considering touring
An enjoyable and informative blog. I’m not fit for any bike tour that extends past my local ice cream shop, but this is inspiring me to go farther.
fatguygetsskinny via Apple Podcasts ·United States of America ·01/02/2019

International five stars that deserve belated shouts:

Great new podcast
I really like this new touring podcast. It seems to tick all the boxes: some cool interviews, information about gear and life in the road. Can’t wait to see how it progresses.
Andyfromorange via Apple Podcasts ·Australia ·11/02/2014
Such a great podcast!
I really am enjoying these podcasts. So much information and very well executed.
JasonBikeboy via Apple Podcasts ·Canada ·06/14/2018
Top Touring Talk
The Pedalshift Project is a refreshing change from a lot of the bicycle touring podcast’s i’ve listened to, and Tim Mooney obviously puts a lot of thought and effort into creating a show that is both informative and entertaining, his enthusiasm for bicycle touring is infectious and will make you want to load up your bike and head off on tour … very inspirational
Devon Wilfy via Apple Podcasts ·Great Britain ·01/23/2016

Pedalshift: Huge in Slovenia

Also, I’m learning the Pedalshift Project may not be the most highly ranked outdoors podcast in the States (we’re in the rearview of a lot of hunting and fishing pods!) BUT just this month the show hit #1 in Slovenia and #2 in Jamaica! If you are from one of those countries and found this show, man I want to hear about bike touring there! 😉

Bicycle Touring Beginners Series

Meet Steve Martin, the beginning bicycle tourist for our 2019 bicycle touring beginners series!

In Steve’s own words…


It changed my life.

I don’t know why I have Parkinson’s. It’s a total mystery. I have no family history of it, I’ve not been exposed to the chemicals known to cause it, and have no other risk factors. No clue.

But I’m not going to let this be a meaningless disease. I’m going to use this to make a difference.

Learn more about Steve.

Steve, your backstory is an important element to this 2019 tour and it starts with your plans for a cross-Colorado bike tour in 2017. What were your plans and what intervened?

What have been some of the challenges you’re overcoming with Parkinson’s and the treatments you’re under?

Your 2019 tour is a fundraiser for Parkinson Association of the Rockies – what’s your goal for this and are they helping out as a partner for the ride?

Ride for Parkinson’s is registered as a charity unto itself – do you have plans for tours beyond this one? Are you looking for other riders to take up the mantel too?

You’re in Fort Collins, which is one of the bikier places in Colorado, if not the whole country. What do you think makes it like that?

Your 17 tour was east to west and this tour is across Colorado south to north. What prompted the change, and what are some of the fun challenges you’ll tackle with this route?

Every episode of the series we cover a topic or two for the beginning bike tourist… what are some of the topics you’re looking for us to cover?

Riding with groups
How much to take
Camping sometimes

Learn more about Steve’s ride at

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