The Pedalshift Project 130: Oregon coast bicycle tour prep

The Pedalshift Project 130: Oregon coast bicycle tour prep

Pulling together the final touches on my upcoming Oregon coast bicycle tour, we cover the final details for the ride. The northbound return trip features a new twist since we last chatted, plus more detail on the modified bikepacking setup I’ll be testing out.

The Pedalshift Project 130: Oregon coast bicycle tour prep

Hey it’s the direct download link for  The Pedalshift Project 127: Summer bike tour with a twist (Live) (mp3).

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Oregon coast bicycle tour prep

1 –     Bus to Tillamook, bus to LC, bus to Newport 
            South Beach SP
2 –     Honeyman SP (Fred Meyer in Florence)
3 –    Sunset Bay SP (Safeway in North Bend)
4-     Humbug Mountain SP (Rays in Port Orford)
5 –     Border run… stay at Harris Beach SP (65) (Fred Meyer in             
6 –     Curry Public Transit ($20+$5 for bike)
            7:20am Brookings            
            10:55am North Bend
            Ride to Yachats Drift Inn (73) (food there)
7 –      Yachats-Newport (Lincoln County transit)
Big change is making the northbound Day 1 a bit longer. Turns out the sun doesn’t rise early enough for my comfort level, so I’ll finish off the distance between Washburn SP and Yachats on a fairly long ride from N Bend to Yachats. Hopefully the prevailing winds won’t be too windy 🙂
I’m buying the 7-day pass from the NW Connector – it’s the alliance of all transit agencies in the counties of the coast. For $30 I get a ride from PDX and back, plus unlimited rides on the coast from Astoria to Yachats for the whole 7 days. It comes in handy because it buys me an extra few days in Portland for less.
I am probably going stove and cook kit free. 
This allows me to experiment with a modified bikepacking setup with no panniers.
I’ll have three dry bags that will sit in line with me, making the whole setup substantially more aero and light.
Adding a new wrinkle to the front rack so I can rock my mirror and phone off the handlebars… kind of a lower cockpit.
Dry bag 1
sleeping bag (summer bag only)
sleep clothes
Large dry bag
Top tube bag
spare tube
patch kit
Frame Bag
Dry bag 2
rain jacket
short sleeve 
Convertible pants
sun sleeves
flip flops
spare shirt
spare pants
spare underwear
spare socks
toiletry bag (incl. ibuprofin, caffeine and electrolyte pills)
On Bike
water bottles
On Me
This might be a new normal setup if I end up liking it. I can carry a fair amount still, the weight is distributed up front well and I get the advantages of a trimmer profile. It’s modified bikepacking… a nice experiment!

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