The Pedalshift Project 103: Handling being sick on bike tour

Winter, as we all know, is the time of year when viruses, colds and flu symptoms are at their highest. But it’s not just winter: almost everyone at some point has to handle being sick on bike tour. On this edition of the pod, we cover tips to prevent and fight back against being sick on bike tour.

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The Pedalshift Project 103: Handling being sick on bike tour


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Tis the season for getting your touring bike tuned up! Check with your local bike shop… many of them have great deals during the winter season. My favorite shop deeply discounts their overhauls, which saves me a ton of time – and frankly they do it better than I could!
Next episode we’ll be covering winter bike maintenance… things you can do now while you may be biking way less or not at all!

The Journal: Handling being sick on tour

  • Rest
  • The magic of ibuprofen (if that’s your bag)
  • Hydration and nutrition 
  • Investing in taking the zero – one day off improves efficiencies down the road
  • Don’t put off seeing a doctor for real illnesses or injuries that don’t respond to a day off

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