The Pedalshift Project 071: Bicycle touring India and Eastern Oregon

An interview with Pedal Dream’s Guthrie Straw on his adventures bicycle touring India, plus his thoughts on adventures in his native Eastern Oregon and keeping your touring bike secure in the land of sunshine and bunnies™, Portland, Oregon.

The Pedalshift Project 071: Bicycle touring India and Eastern OregonHey it’s the direct download link for The Pedalshift Project 071: Bicycle touring India and Eastern Oregon (mp3)

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The Interview: Bicycle touring India with Guthrie Straw

Guthrie Straw is a native of Eastern Oregon and lives in Portland. He created Pedal Dream as a place to fuel your sense of adventure, gain insight into what it’s like to tour by bicycle, and garner solid advice in the form of equipment reviews. It inspires you to get back out on the road, or if you’re already out there, keep pedaling the world with a perspective made possible by one of his favorite forms of transportation; the bicycle.

The Pedalshift Project 071: Bicycle touring India and Eastern Oregon

You talked about your India trip a little bit on The Sprocket Podcast (which I encourage everyone to go listen to if you haven’t). What was your route and would you recommend it to someone looking at India as a bike touring destination?
What was your experience transporting your gear to India and back? Any issues?
What is your typical gear setup and did it deviate much for India?
You’re from eastern Oregon, which is one of the most beautiful places in the US… and probably the least understood since most people from outside the northwest think Portland takes up the whole state and is a coastal city (like, for real). How would you describe eastern Oregon to an outsider?
What’s your favorite bike tour in eastern Oregon?
You’re working on a bike theft documentary in Portland… bike theft is a thing almost everywhere but it’s seemingly extra pernicious in Portland. What have you discovered in the course of working on the film and do you have any advice for bike tourists rolling into Portland on their trips?
Where can we find you on the series of tubes?

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