The Pedalshift Project 070: The magical mystery winter bicycle tour

A winter bicycle tour on the C&O is a rare treat for me… but warm February weather in the DC area made it impossible to resist. Come along for the ride with Belle Starr and me!

The Pedalshift Project 070: The magical mystery winter bicycle tourHey it’s the direct download link for The Pedalshift Project 070: The magical mystery winter bicycle tour (mp3)

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The Journal: The magical mystery winter bicycle tour

  • Washington, DC to Swains Lock
  • Check out the campsite review:

Gear Talk

The Omnicharge… first impressions:
  • A relatively large battery (20.400mAh 100W output). 
  • That said, it’s way heavier than comparable 20.4mAh batteries and bigger too.
  • 2 USB ports with smart charging tech that maximizes power and minimizes charge times.
  • Flow through charging – power devices while charging the battery (great for one outlet situations)
  • The difference (and reason for the bulk) is the ability to charge AC power with a “regular” plug (3 prong for US and similar countries; European and other outlets available too)
  • I love the screen that gives detailed battery data so I know precisely how much juice is left
  • The weight makes it more of a “camp” battery – wouldn’t keep it in a handlebar bag.
  • I think this is great if you are doing a longer ride with (a) spotty access to AC, and (b) AC powering needs.
  • If you’re only in need of USB power, this is not the battery for you. There are cheaper and lighter/smaller batteries.


  • More 5 stars
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Next week!

Guthrie Straw joins the Pedalshift Project to chat about touring in India and Eastern Oregon. Awesome chat… and the following week we’ll be talking about a hypothetical bike tour where you’re constantly chasing ideal weather. Got a great three weeks of shows coming!


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The Pedalshift Project theme is America courtesy of Jason Kent off his self-titled solo album. Check out his band Sunfields‘ latest release, Habitat, wherever cool music resides. And a little birdy tells me Jason’s recording some new music. More when I know…