"Loaded" bike, if you can call it that.

The Pedalshift Project 028: Transit-aided bicycle touring

On the eve of the transit-aided bicycle touring trip for the ages (or should it be the bicycle-aided transit tour?) here’s an overview of the trip, the segments, the schedule and the very unforgiving weather forecast. All that, some gear talk on how to rig up a tarp and stay dry!

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The tour

DC to Boston in under 24 hours by bike and transit
  • Only forms of transportations allowed are bicycle and transit
  • No Amtrak, no Bolt Bus
  • Regional commuter transit (rail and bus) is allowed
  • One night of self-supported wild camping is required
  • DC
  • Perryville, MD
  • Newark, DE
  • Philadelphia
  • Trenton, NJ
  • NYC
  • Waterbury, CT
  • Hartford
  • Enfield, CT
  • Springfield, MA
  • Boston
  • 11 segments
  • 2 by bike (Perryville to Newark; NYC – about 22 miles total)
  • 5 by rail (front loaded)
  • 4 by bus (back loaded)
  • Last train from DC north
  • Camping between Perryville and Newark
  • Have a few spots in mind using Google Maps
  • Limiting the night riding as much as possible but will be lit up well
  • Stealth camping… likely in the rain
Friday sprint to Boston
  • The key to making this work is maximizing the inbound commuter routes, timing them with the first NYC outbound commuting routes
  • Like catching a wave while surfing
  • The bike is necessary to connect the northern terminus of Baltimore/DC with the southern terminus of the Philadelphia system… also helpful in making the transfer in NYC between Penn and Grand Central Stations.
  • Tightest transfer point is 13 minutes in Enfield, CT – missing that could really suck, but the transfer is designed by the two systems to meet.
  • Arrive in Boston with plenty of time for the 9:30pm Amtrak that will bring me back to DC overnight
Ok, why?
  • Because it’s therePSTJV4
  • Making the challenge mode limitations rather than distance
  • Wild camping element
  • Folding bike element
  • Lessons from this will likely help with some tour planning for 2016
  • #notcheating
Follow along
Pedalshift Tour Journals Volume 4 will bring you along for the adventure!

Gear Talk

With the likelihood of rain Thursday night, I need to be able to rig up a rain tarp quickly. Here’s how with a hat tip to The Ultimate Hang:
  • Paracord
  • Tarp
  • Create a ridgeline and tighten with a taut-line hitch
  • I’ve pre-tied one end of a 50’ line of paracord on the middle ring and will loop and tie around two trees to create a quick shelter that can cover my hammock and bike for the night.
  • The trick is to keep your gear in its dry sack and get the shelter up first, then setup underneath.
  • Drying off with a pack towel before hopping in the hammock
H/T theultimatehang.com


The Pedalshift Project theme is America courtesy of Jason Kent off his self-titled solo album. Check out his band Sunfields‘ new release, Habitat, wherever cool music resides. And hey, a video for Ghost!