The Pedalshift Project 027: Folding bicycle touring

Getting ready for my first attempt at folding bicycle touring, I’m seeing a major need to reduce… and I mean reeeeeaaaaally reduce the amount of gear I pack along. On this episode, we take a look at the choices I’m making to go from a tent to a much lighter shelter setup and how that will make touring on a folding bicycle that much easier. All that, some gear talk and followup!

psp027Hey it’s the direct download link for episode 027

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Follow up

Nathan Clevenger wraps up his tour with an arrival in Portland, but not before taking a spill in part thanks to buffoon assholery. What’s everyone feeling about aggression on the roads? Shoot me an email with your thoughts or comment below.
I forgot to mention my flat tires at the end of the NY ride!
Mysterious James and his mysterious partner are heading on a South American adventure from September through December… we’ll be following along and hopefully getting them on the show later in the year to chat about it.

Gear Talk

Securing water bottles on your front forks

Sequoia’s unique setup – check out the post for a better look at the brazon points.

Folding bicycle touring

dahonFolding bike and a lot of connections? Can’t rock a bunch of bags!
Hammock (no tent, no pad)
Light sleeping bag
Mylar “emergency blanket”
Rolled tarp (ground cloth if no hammock hanging, or rain shelter)
Mosquito netting
Water bottle bungeed to handlebars
One multitool. One or two tubes. Pump integrated in seat of bike (cool!).
Bars for calories, but I should have a shot to get food on the run
Everything will fit in a smallish dry bag that will bungee to the (very small) rear rack.
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