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The Pedalshift Project 010: Bike the Pacific coast in an hour

On this episode we’re watching 2014 shrink away in the rearview mirror as we enjoy an hour-long show chronicling the top moments from this year’s big tour from Canada to Mexico along the US Pacific coast.

hey it’s the direct download link for episode 010 (mp3)

A new look for the podcast

Y’know what this show needs? A new logo! If you ever need someone to use modern flat graphic design principles to create a pannier buckle on a podcast logo, I’m totally your guy. Totally a niche talent.

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Looking ahead to 2015

  • The Lab and Pedalpreneur will return…
  • More Bike Touring Stories…
  • The Pedalshift Project goes bi-weekly…


Bike Touring Stories

Border to Border


In the summer of 2014, I took 6 weeks to ride the Pacific coast from Victoria, BC to the US-Mexico border. I recorded a 2-5 minute audio entry every day for the Tour Journals podcast to share the more detailed aspects of the ride, but always intended to edit and condense it into a more manageable length to share here. I recorded almost every entry while rolling, usually in the morning. Listeners of The Pedalshift Project will definitely recognize some of the anecdotes, especially mention of the “United Nations delegation” in central and southern CA.

As I edited the story, I found myself transported back to each spot on the tour. I remember fine grain details of pulloffs, tide levels, and how I felt every time I called back home. The sounds of the waves, the seagulls, the ravens, and the traffic of US 101 and CA 1 help transport you to those spots as a listener. Ever want to bike the Pacific coast in under an hour?

I mention two people I virtually took along with me. They were:

  • my grandmother who I lost at the beginning of the year… I think I might be taking her with me around Lake Ontario this spring too.
  • a buddy of mine who took a big spill on his own adventure and hasn’t been able to tour since…


The Pedalshift Project theme is America courtesy of Jason Kent off his self-titled solo album. Check out his band Sunfields‘ new release, Habitat, wherever cool music resides:


  1. JohnnyK says:

    Hey now I wasn’t chastising you about the short episode. Some people can say a lot with just a few words. I was just saying that even though it was short it was still awesome. Anyway I loved this episode. I like to listen to your tours especially when I’m trapped in my office cube here at work and I am really liking the way your podcast is changing. With the sound of the background music, wind, traffic, bike sounds and sounds of nature all around you I find it impressive that you’re able to get good vocals. The sounds bring me back to my own rides especially the ride I took to my Grandfathers birthday party which was at his house where I did 105 miles in a single day to my daughters and then caught a ride with her to my destination another 25 miles. Next year I will probably try to break it up into 2 days so I can spend more time enjoying the scenery and I should be able to do the full 130 mile ride. So all total it will be a 4 day trip. Anyway Excellent work my friend I enjoy your podcast and I like the fact that even when the weather and other things are happening with you it seems like you still really enjoyed the ride. I really think that is what separates the average cyclist and the tourist. We find ways that when given lemons we make lemonade. That is the one of the things I like about listening you give me encouragement to tour by bicycle.

    • Tim Mooney says:

      Ha, I was just foolin with ya Johnny K! I wanted that show to have more content too, but November got away from me. Now that we’ll be doing 2x per month the shows may be a touch shorter, but we’ll have more content overall!

      Thanks for the compliment on the show direction… I like the soundscapes as well, and hope to bring more of those to the show. I use the trusty iPhone with the much-maligned Apple earbuds to record – they may not be for audiophiles, but they stand up to a tour’s worth of abuse!

      You should record that ride (or another one) and we can put it on the show!

  2. JohnnyK says:

    I like the idea of recording that trip to my Grandfathers. I will have to get something to record it with as I don’t own a smartphone. Maybe I can get one of those digital voice recorders? Anyway it sounds like a good idea. I have plenty of time till his next birthday so I should be able to make something happen.

    • Tim Mooney says:

      That would be great! There are a ton of inexpensive digital recorders out there for a little under 20 bucks, but you can always journal your thoughts and record later on your computer (or something else you already have). We need more Johnny K in our podcasts! 😉

  3. TonyS says:

    Tim — love your website and podcasts! Episode 008 — The Sweater — was awesome, and is a fantastic testament to the willingness of bicyclists to come to each other’s aide whenever they can.

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