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The Pedalshift Project 009: Tour planning and connections

A Thanksgiving weekend edition of the Pedalshift Project on which we cover some of the new additions to the site, an update on the Lake Ontario circumnav tour, connections and much more.

hey, it’s the direct download link for episode 009! (mp3)

Pedalshift has a new look

Some minor tweaks one day became a whole new look – easier to find the podcasts and easier to find the content. Hope you like it.


Pedalshift is also now on Instagram (@pedalshift)  – hoping to use it to show off more of the sights on tours past and present. Would love to share your pictures on tour too!

One more thing… I’m starting an email newsletter – about once per month – filled with the same cool content as the podcast and the site. You can sign up for the Pedalshift newsletter here. Best of all… get a free bike touring pack guide and checklist just for signing up.

Hey, I want to hear from you – like for real: email or The Facebook, or even The Twitter. Stories, tours, ideas, whatever – as we grow, let’s share it all.

The Journal

It’s bike tour planning season now that the weather is less favorable in the Northeast US. I’ve been busily researching the circumnavigation of Lake Ontario for a May 2015 tour. Any interest in meetups in Rochester, Buffalo, Toronto, etc.? Shoot me an email!

The Lab

Holy sh*t, this water bottle fils while you ride!

Bike Touring Stories

Got a ton of great feedback about The Sweater, so we’ll do more of them. I’ll break those out into a new section of the podcast called Bike Touring Stories. If you have a funny, empowering, emotional or otherwise interesting story to share, I’d love to make that happen… email pedalshiftproject@gmail.com. You tell it, I’ll produce it! Episode 010 will include a new story: Louis Bike Touring Experiment #1 of 1. Look for it in a couple of weeks!




  1. JohnnyK says:

    I love the pack diagram that is awesome. Would you need your passport for the Lake Ontario ride since you will be crossing the border into Canada?
    Actually the self filling water bottle looks technically sound. It looks like it’s basically a small version of a swamp cooler https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evaporative_cooler
    Man It looks like Chiang could use a trailer. I loved the episode even though it was a little short this time and if I can think of a good experience that I have had that I can share I will try to post it. I think you could use a sidekick/co-host someone to discuss these things with but that could be just me trying to fit this podcast into the same mold as other podcasts I frequent.

  2. Tim Mooney says:

    Hey, thanks regarding the pack diagram! I’m thinking it would be cool to have others share theirs too… pack lists are one thing, but how and where to pack gives a little more info.

    Defintitely need the passport traveling to and from Canada. This summer’s ride included two ferries, but next spring I’ll be doing one ferry into Canada, and rolling across a bridge on the return to the States. Looking forward to the experience…

    Swamp coolers are amazing… I first saw them when reading about Burning Man challenges in keeping cool and how lots of people successfully use them there. It got me thinking about the possibility of a small version for desert touring. Might end up in the Lab at some future show!

    Chiang definitely would have liked a trailer… so would his pooch I think! He was pretty bad ass for having all that gear packed on the rear. Reminds me of my first setup on a converted mountain bike… I’ll have to dig out that pic sometime.

    I’m trying to get Mysterious James on the show – start the lobbying Johnny K!

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