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  1. Jim Giddens says:

    I found your Podcast today after searching for bike touring resources. I’m new to the idea of bike touring, but have been a bike rider since I was a kid. Love your show and I look forward to exploring your various sites. I’m planning my first bike tour for this spring. It will be a short ride compared to veterans of touring. However, I’m looking forward to the ride.

    I’ve heard a lot about the Long Haul Trucker and the benefits of that bike. I don’t have the $ for one, but plan on using my Diamondback Overdrive Sport for the journey. I can see myself really getting into touring.

  2. Tim Mooney says:

    Welcome Jim! Your story is pretty close to mine… I loved the adventure and freedom of biking since I got my first burnt orange bike with training wheels.

    Don’t knock short tours – it’s the right way to start and sometimes can be more fun than a longer one because you aren’t as focused on making miles in the same way. Most of my touring rides are weekenders… it’s just more fun to talk about the big ones 😉

    Surly LHTs are great bikes. I think the Novara Safari from REI specs out about the same for less, especially if you dig their stock setup (I love the handlebars and the stock rack). But to begin, use what you have – you can modify almost any bike and tour. You’ll get the feel of things and start to figure out what you want to change. It took me three full seasons to finally get to a place where I like my gear setup. Check out the pack guide – it’s free when you sign up for the newsletter!

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