The Pedalshift Project 158: Training and Route Planning for Bicycle Touring Beginners

The Pedalshift Project 158: Training and Route Planning for Bicycle Touring Beginners

The Bicycle Touring Beginners Series continues with a focus on training and route planning for bicycle touring! Plus a review of WQED’s The Great Ride, a new documentary on bicycle touring the C&O Towpath and Great Allegheny Passage.

Pedalshift Project 158- Training and Route Planning for Bicycle Touring Beginners

Hey it’s the direct download link for  The Pedalshift Project 158: Training and Route Planning for Bicycle Touring Beginners (mp3).

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Review of The Great Ride

Stream it over at through 3/31. It’s worth the hour if you’re into touring. And you are. You listen to a bike touring podcast for crying out loud…
  • Nice overview of the C&O and the GAP.
  • Loved seeing familiar faces (Doug Riegner was featured)
  • Each section featured different group of narrators, from a veteran couple to a Black Girls Do Bike group, to a photographer and more. Different POVs, even different bikes.
  • Nice dose of history
  • Stunning shots. Really nicely done!
  • Would love to see this be successful and encourage other public tv stations to get behind similar docs on the Katy Trail, the OTET, the Cowboy Trail and more

Beginners Series: Training and Route Planning for Bicycle Touring

Training Philosophies

  • Train like hell vs. Ride your way to touring shape vs. Somewhere in the middle
  • Hill work is important for your tour. Any of those around Fort Collins?
  • Take a cue from marathon runner training – they never run a full marathon to train for a marathon
  • Taper
  • Nutrition
  • Know your body

Route Planning

  • Established routes
  • Build your own
    • Online journals (CycleBlaze, etc.)
    • Ride With GPS
    • Strava heat maps
    • Google Streetview
Next in the series… group dynamics on tour with special guest Guthrie Straw from The Sprocket Podcast!

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