The Pedalshift Project 052: Summer bicycle tours to follow

It’s officially summer in the northern hemisphere (sorry Australia… it was a good run, but it’ll be back) and it’s time to live vicariously and follow some of those summer bicycle tours. In this episode I let you in on three I’m following, plus give you an update on my C&O through ride this coming weekend and some additional bikey plans I’ve got.

The Pedalshift Project 052: Summer bicycle tours to followHey it’s the direct download link:
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The Journal: Summer bicycle tours to follow

Tours I’m following this summer

Michael Riscica @biketouring999  

Met Michael at Pioneer Nation super briefly last fall when someone I met was like, “I HAVE to get the two bike touring guys to meet!” He’s working his way westbound on the TransAm and has mixed in some pretty dope videos of his ride mixed with punk soundtracks. Worth the follow and the reads!

Patience @biker_girl_pay

She’s about half done rolling from Seattle to Boston in tribute to a friend she lost late last year. It’s also one of those “I’m riding two months before I have to enter the real world” kind of rides, which I always wish I had done back when it would have matters for me. Really cool pics in the IG feed. Also, she wears a lot of orange, so she must be super cool 😉

@biker_girl_pay on IG

3 Girls on a Bike:

Vicky, Wendy and Linda… riding cross country (notice a theme?) to raise money for local bike pathway projects in Illinois. Aaron from Sprocket Podcast helped them out with directions when they got semi-misdirected in Portland a few weeks back. I’ve reached out and hope to get them on the show as they roll into DC in August.


C&O ride

Hey another tour for me! I’ll be through-riding the C&O again starting today as this podcast is released! If you’re a newsletter subscriber, not only did you get the bonus podcast this month (my five favorite bike touring books) but you also got the special feed to listen in on Tour Journals Volume 6 while I ride. Missed out? No worries, it’ll be in Pedalshift Plus in a few weeks. If you’re needing a fix for some C&O audio journals, check out Volume 2, the GAP/C&O ride from last year.

I’ll have a full run-down on the next Pedalshift Project too. Trying out a new stove that I’m really digging… super inexpensive and compact. I hope to have a review up on Youtube too. What about your summer bicyle tours? Let me know in the comments or via social media!

More summer bicycle tours coming

Going to Flagstaff, AZ over the 4th of July weekend and doing some riding, likely on the Grand Canyon rim and maybe a few other choice spots. Hoping to get some good pics to share on these day rides!

August… Oregon coast! MJ is doing a little unintentional scouting for me in the next couple of weeks. More to come!


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Ethan Georgi on gear inches

After your ep mentioning gear inches for climbing, especially how what you didn’t know WAS hurting you, I looked up mine. 34.6. Not cool. Gonna look into a triple crank with a smaller chainring. Thanks for the nudge.

Steve K -pulling a Hammerhiker (as I will now call this) and getting dropped off in Meyersdale and bombing down the long hill from the Eastern Continental Divide to Cumberland!

Noah tackling the C&O – asks about bears and camping sites being full?

1- wouldn’t worry about bears. The majority of both trails aren’t wildernessy enough to get your exposure to the level that you need to up your fpod storage game. If you prefer, consider getting some smell proof bags. I’ve never encountered a bear on either trail and I don’t think I recall hearing any real reports of one.

2- You’ll never have a problem getting a spot at any site on a C&O summer bicycle tour. If someone is there ahead of you it’s just a chance to say hi and pitch your tent in another section of the site. I’ve chosen to ride on another 5-10 miles to get a chance at my own site but I’ve never been shut out if any site because of congestion.

Sidebar… after this ride, this and more info will be coming to a much more pimped out Pedalshift Guide to the C&O. I’ve also got some killer ideas for more in the coming months, and thanks to your support through Pedalshift Plus and Pedalshift Society, I might be pulling the trigger on one of those ideas soon. Stay tuned!
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The Pedalshift Project theme is America courtesy of Jason Kent off his self-titled solo album. Check out his band Sunfields‘ album, Habitat, wherever cool music resides.  I heard Jason’s new album in January and it is AWESOME. More info when that drops!