The Pedalshift Project 025: An Amtrak bicycle touring adventure

A special 25th episode of The Pedalshift Project features an interview with Friends of the Show Andrew and Stephanie, describing their special Amtrak bicycle touring adventure that spanned from Colorado to Chicago to Pittsburgh to… well, we’ll let them tell you how it all ended.

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The Interview

Andrew and StephanieFOTS Andrew and Stephanie are from Denver, Colorado and embarked on a big adventure in June. Beginning from home in Colorado, they packed up their bikes and gear and boarded Amtrak for a multiday trip to Pittsburgh. The plan was to bike to DC via the GAP and C+O, but as they’ll share… things don’t always go as planned, and that’s ok. Amtrak. Bicycle touring. It’s a great hour of podcasty goodness.
Andrew is all over the Internets focusing on his love of film photography[footnote]If you’re rockin’ a younger demographic, welcome! You may never have seen actual film used in photography. It’s as crazy as what your grandchildren will think when you tell them you used to have to drive your car around yourself.[/footnote] and riding steel framed bikes. Andrew shares a bunch of amazing photos from their bike tour on his website. Check Andrew out at and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @shootfilmride.
Stephanie? Stephanie claims she’s a luddite[footnote]her words[/footnote] but we think she’s super cool… even though I can’t hyperlink to said coolness.


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