The Pedalshift Project 022: Spandex optional bicycle touring + pedaling Paris

The Pedalshift Project celebrates its one year podcastaversary with a packed show featuring my thoughts on Paris as bike touring destination and an interview with Peter Rice, author of Spandex Optional Bicycle Touring. Because Pedalshift has a book club now. Sort of.

psp022Hey it’s the direct download link for episode 022 (mp3)

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  • It’s been one year of Pedalshift as a podcast, so I think we can safely say it’s no longer a project. Tell me what you think… should we change the name of the show to Pedalshift or are you attached to the Project? Best answer gets a shoutout on the show and coveted FOTS status (which has precisely zero value beyond the name).
  • Amtrak still not on board with unboxed bikes on all lines.
  • Kickstand alternatives followup: the shooters stick hack sucked.
  • Chris Gonzales on how not to lose shit:
  • Losing your shorts is never a fun thing to do! After losing a rain jacket from a bungee while touring, and promptly backtracking 10 miles that day for my shower’s pass jacket, I started running the bungee through an arm or a leg hole. I’ve never lost a thing after that now. And that’s after 1500 miles! Loving your podcast Tim, keep it up!
  • Shoutout to listener Jill in PGH – next time we’re doing a meetup of cool bikey Pittsburgh people!
  • iPhone mystery rescuer… when he called my studio to let me know the phone was safe, he mentioned he once had a phone returned in a similar manner so he was paying that back. Love this. Let’s ALL do the same when we find misplaced items!
  • Another five star iTunes review by Moondogz!
  • Reminder Pedalshift Tour Journals has the full DC-Pittsburgh C+O/GAP ride through June. Look for Volume III: Erie Canal in July!


  • velib of parisAmazing city for biking
  • Narrow bike lanes, but hundreds of miles of them
  • Bike and pannier security has to be a focus
  • Excellent bike ahops of all varieties and I’ve found most have a very good English speaker on staff
  • I prefer to try the local language before asking about English (as a courtesy)
  • Velib bike share an excellent alternative to get around if you can secure your bike off street.
  • Go see the tourist hotspots, but also go find a neighborhood you like and explore in detail. Sit at a cafe… Walk or bike the streets… It’s a city with great personalities.
  • I happen to like the 6th Arrondissement which include Luxembourg Garden, St. Michel, St. Germain and borders on Montparnasse (the theater district).
  • France is considered a excellent for touring – I hope to be able to mix that in someday!

The Interview

peter ricePeter Rice is a writer, author, marketer and consultant living in Albuquerque. Born and raised in Washington State, he earned a B.A. from Colorado College and spent several years doing time in print journalism, including a stint for the now defunct Albuquerque Tribune.

Rice has written a number of books, booklets, and guides on an array of topics, bicycle touring being the most prominent. Because he never skimps on research, he rode many many thousands of miles on tours of the West and South, just to make sure it was as fun and enlightening as it looked. (For information on how to arrange a private phone consultation for your tour, or to book him as a speaker, visit Peter’s website.)

When not riding, Rice enjoys pondering the state of the world, killing time with good friends, visiting his Toastmasters club, and continuing a three-decade-long mission of learning to cook.


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