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The Pedalshift Project 019: Perfectly inflated tires + lounging in ultralight hammocks

We’re gearing up for spring bike touring here at Pedalshift HQ and there are some extra podcasts coming your way to document upcoming trips. Plus followup on some past topics, a nerd-approved tool for perfect tire inflation, plus kicking back in an ultralight hammock on your next bike tour.

psp019Hey it’s the direct download link for episode 019 (mp3)

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The Journal

Water woes in CA – Last season many of the state parks on the coastal route shut down their water facilities by July. Given that things are worse now, if you’re planning a ride anyplace in CA it’s safe to assume dry parks up and down the coast and throughout the state.

Changeup on my touring schedule: DC-PGH May, Mini-Paris day tours in June, semi-circumnav of Lake Ontario in July, day rides in Tuscany in October. More on the tours.

Shows every day the last week in MayNewsletter subscribers will get info on a special daily Tour Journals pod for my C&O and GAP ride. Subscribe to the newsletter before the ride and you’ll get an email with the scoop on how to listen.

More on the shows.

Article on the GAP and C+O in a recent edition of the NYT  – especially good review for those that are more B+B/hotel users rather than campers.

Another article showcasing the extension one can do up through Western NY then cutting over along Lake Erie westward to Erie, PA.

Gear Talk

Finding the ideal tire inflation based on tire size and load
A huge find by Todd Tillinger from gorgeous Helena, MT – the bike tire pressure calculator.

Another option: iTire Pressure (iOS and Android) – goes a little wider and includes wider tires (like those for offroad rides) but doesn’t have the bonus of figuring inflation based on distributed load.

The end of spoked tires? 

Ultralight hammocks
himal hammock

  • Tried the Hennessey Hammock a couple of seasons ago and it didn’t fit my camping needs on the tours I have been on.
  • I miss the easy portability of a light hammock, so I’m trying out carrying a Himal ultralight hammock on the May tour as an alternative for sleeping or lounging at camps


Nathan’s ride updates and shoutouts – read his posts.

Fried of the Show (FOTS) Ethan Georgi is a distinct minus one on my regram of a friend’s repurposing of a water bottle bracket to carry Strawberry Mist frosting. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but the more I think Strawberry Mist, the more I think I’m with Ethan…

strawberry mist

Facebook follower Harry Jones is more of a flask guy, and come to think of it so am I… flask plus 1

FOTS The Sprocket Podcast gave a shoutout for last episode’s interview amongst a chorus of frogs.

Andrew of Shoot film, ride steel is doing the Pittsburgh to DC ride in June and sadly I’ll be missing out on a chance to interview him and his fiancee Stephanie due to schedule issues but we hope to schedule a recap later in the month – stay tuned! (PS I referred to Andrew as a filmmaker, but he focuses more on photography FYI!)

Simon Shaw joins the cult of the Novara Safari and writes in asking about kickstands – I use the Greenfield Oversize kickstand. I’m enamored with the click stand. Welcome to the curvy handlebar cult Simon!

FOBPE (friend of bikey podcasts everywhere) Johnny K dug the campfire interview and thinks my orange dry sack could double as an ocean buoy to guide ships! True… now that it’s retired it might be able to serve the maritime community 😉

Bike touring stories return in episode 020 featuring the oddity of life at the last campsite before San Francisco…


The Pedalshift Project theme is America courtesy of Jason Kent off his self-titled solo album. Check out his band Sunfields‘ new release, Habitat, wherever cool music resides. And hey, new video for Ghost!

Featured image (cc) vikapproved on Flickr