The Pedalshift Project 012: A bike surfing tour and pedaling pugs

We complete our first dozen episodes featuring bike surfing tour from a past encounter, a story about biking dogs (sort of) and generating power as you roll.

hey it’s the direct download link for episode 012 (mp3)

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The Journal

Featured journal – a bike surfing tour

Matt Weiner, surfing the Oregon coast by bike

bike surfing tour Matt Weiner

  • Met Matt on my first unsupported Pacific coast tour, rolling with Mysterious James.
  • Modified a BOB single wheel trailer with bamboo to haul his shortboard down the Oregon coast.
  • Timed his arrivals in different beaches to coincide with the tide coming in for better waves
  • His trip always stuck with me… using a bike as a method to your adventure madness. Why just bike the Oregon coast when you can add a board and rock a bike surfing tour?

surfing tours by bike

Big thanks to Matt for getting back in touch… mazel tov on the wedding and hope to see you on the road again sometime!

NEWWOMAN1Special treat for episode 013… featuring the first woman to bike across the US and the first to do an assisted round the world tour. IN 1894. The amazing Annie Londonderry, brought to us with a special interview of Gillian Klempner Willman
Producer, Director of the documentary The New Woman: Annie ‘Londonderry’ Kopchovsky. Cannot wait to share this with Pedalshifters!

The Lab

Revisiting my dynohub setup

The Sanyo Dynohub... good value.

  • My original post – An Uncommonly Silly Blog
  • Refined setup – Pedalshift
  • The Sanyo dynohub
  • LightCharge converter
  • Purchased the hub and wheel built as one unit – took a bit of a gamble on that, but the price was right.
  • Support your LBS when you can – it probably has a talented wheel builder who can really match your needs for bike touring.
  • Many dynohubs are directly wired to lighting systems… mine goes to a 5V USB converter so I can directly power USB devices or cache the electrons into a battery.
  • (note, drool-worthy Tout Terrain makes a more sophisticated integrated version of this that’s 3x the price. )
  • Modern batteries are so huge and so small it’s quite possible to do long tours and not have to worry about charging your devices.
  • Helps avoid the issue I ran into at a campground this past trip – my battery was stolen while charging in a campground bathroom. I was being a little electron greedy and paid the price. No more of that!
  • Alternative (untested but looks GREAT) – essentially a detachable dynohub by SivaCycle.

Bike Touring Story

Louis bike touring experiment #1 of 1
louis the pug

  • Special thanks to my talented and beautiful girlfriend Kimberly Wilson for helping to tell this tale. You can read all about her amazing pursuits at
  • Music courtesy of the fine artists at Purple Planet.
  • The original video…


  • Richard and Tony – thanks for your questions on dynohub setups
  • The ubiquitous FOTS JohnnyK on the Novara Safari


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