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The Pedalshift Project 004: Aaron Flores + Crossover with The Sprocket Podcast

On this episode… a pre-ride report from the biking land of sunshine and bunnies, Portland, Oregon… a crossover show with The Sprocket Podcast 192 featuring a sit-down with co-host Aaron Flores.

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Hey this here is a direct download link for episode 004!

The Journal

News from Amtrak on unboxed transport of bikes.

Lewis+Clark/Teddy Roosevelt tour update – transforming into the Heat Stroke Avoidance Alternative Border to Border Tour!

Deconstructing bikes, reconstructing them, etc.
How to pack your panniers for your next tour – America ByCycle and Traveling Two.

Special thanks to Bike Gallery in downtown Portland for their help in making a simple fix – memo to bike shippers… bag up those top tube spacers!

Follow along the route @pedalshift and on the raw podcast feed Tour Diaries: Pedalshift! I’ll be uploading snippets from the road on this tour, possibly compiling some for the main podcast next episode.

Would love to hear from you! pedalshiftproject@gmail.com


The Lab

Sanyo dynohub for juicing my ride
2012 ideas – generating green energy by bike via uncommonsilly.com
2013 implementation

Tips and tricks for keeping your devices powered up

Doubling up: DEET vs. Premethrin for mosquito control

Using a dry bag as a beer cooler – @brockmon

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Rental revenue adjusted for cleaning costs – not a carrying cost, so I want to factor it it:
$2534/ 38 days
=$66.68/day … getting into the “cheap hotel every day” range but I plan on camping everywhere except SF and L.A.

The Interview

aaron floresDescribed by his friends as “35 and going nowhere,” Aaron is a relative newcomer to Cascadia with only 3 years in Portland under his belt. His formative years were spent in the rural lowlands of south-east Michigan where he did things like can vegetables, pick apples, climb trees, and eat fried baloney. He’s lived many different places and enjoyed learning various skills since then. He has many stories about the colorful places and people in his long life and shares these experiences on The Sprocket Podcast. You can’t follow Aaron on Twitter, but you can follow his red Surly Disc Trucker, which is not at all part of a cult: @RdHareAmngHrses.

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The Pedalshift Project theme is America courtesy of Jason Kent off his debut album. Check out his band Sunfields‘ new release, Habitat, including this track, wherever cool music resides: