The Pedalshift Project 003: Tour updates, alcohol stove experiments and the opportunity costs of staying home

Hey, we have such great stuff that this episode came out early! We have an overflowing Journal with great tour updates, insanely successful experiments in The Lab, an update on Pedalpreneur Challenge with my summer tour, plus connections with listeners.

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The Journal

Featured tour from listener Mysterious James: Idaho Hot Springs

courtesy Adventure Cycling Association

Follow last week’s guest Brock Dittus @brockmon on Twitter for a beautiful insight into his amazing NW tour.

Brock going downhill
Brock going downhill… in a good way.

Summer Lewis+Clark/Teddy Roosevelt tour update

3 things I take, 3 things I leave behind

The Lab

Ultralight stove experiments – what I’ve settled on (hybrid Esbit/alcohol with windscreen)
Lab recommends: dried cheese tortellini made freezer bag style

dried cheese tortellini
The Lab recommends dried cheese tortellini on your next tour.


Tracking the revenues and expenses of my summer tour


Justin Martin on Twitter – thanks for checking in!
Roger on the blog – will I be as CRAZY as Brock and Aaron on Sprocket?
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The Pedalshift Project theme is America courtesy of Jason Kent off his debut album. Check out his band Sunfields‘ new release, Habitat, including this track, wherever cool music resides: