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Pedalpreneur: can I make money while on bike tour?

I’m going on a bike tour next week, but I will still probably make money while on bike tour. Here’s how.

make money while on bike tour

A few weeks ago I posted my first pedalpreneur post on how to make a little extra money by renting your place out on AirBnB. The idea is to find additional streams of income so you can work a little less, take a little more time for yourself, and possibly allow that to increase the amount of bike touring. Remember all that?

Next week I’ll be on tour, but I should probably make more money in my absence than if I stayed at my place. I’m out for 6 days, renting my place out for 2 of those 6 nights. I’ll make $418 from the rental, and I pay $70 for a full house cleaning to prepare. That nets at $348. I’ll apply that net income to the entire length of the tour… $58/day. I plan on camping with existing gear in free spots each night. I hope to cook at least half the meals, but probably will end up dining out with a beer or two mixed in. Although it’s possible, I highly doubt my daily budget will break $58. Can this be a tour that actually makes money? Who knows… stay tuned!