GAP mileage marker

Great Allegheny Passage spring bike tour: lessons + more

Bike tours are sometimes more about the lessons than starting and finishing when and where you intend. This tour is certainly no exception.

If you followed the pedalshift twitter feed, you already know my #PGHtoDC hashtag wasn’t much of a prediction. I had a major tire malfunction on one of the rainier days I’ve ever toured. I biked uphill in the mud about 7 miles on a practically flat tire, then downhill an additional 9 (again in the mud) essentially on one full front tire, and the rear rims. My knee bore the brunt of it all.

There are all sorts of lessons from this bike tour, and I intend to spend the next few blog posts going over them all. I also have an update on the pedalpreneur aspect – remember I was intending on spending less on the tour than I was making renting my place? More to come on that!

Next posts, all coming this week

The full story – the GAP, the weather, the equipment fails

Takeaways – equipment repairs, upgrades and planning

Did my tour make money or did the costs exceed my rental?