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The Pedalshift Project 080: Paring down your gear and keeping things charged on bike tour

Let’s talk gear. If you’re like me, you probably carry too much, “just in case.” On this episode, I talk about my recent attempts to whittle the weight down. Plus, strategies for keeping things charged on bike tour!

The Pedalshift Project 080: Paring down your gear and keeping things charged on bike tourHey it’s the direct download link for The Pedalshift Project 080: Paring down your gear and keeping things charged on bike tour (mp3)

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Pedalshift Guide to Bicycling the C&O

More entries… more info… check out the Pedalshift Guide to Bicycling the C&O!

Pedalshift Guide to Bicycling the C&O

Gear Talk: paring down and keeping things charged

Paring down your bike tour gear

Experiment: What’s the bare minimum for me balancing comfort and gear I own? Can I get into fewer bags?
Answer: yes!
sleeping bag
spare tube
spare shirt
spare underwear
spare socks
toiletry bag (incl. ibuprofin, caffeine and electrolyte pills)
batteries and cable
water bottles or bladder
Fits in 1 pannier, 1 compression bag (Brompton – NO BACKPACK NECESSARY!)
Fits in 1 compression bag and one rack bag (Safari) – adding a frame bag to try it out
No stove, no kit – all food is grab and go (a stove and kit *does* fit though)
Includes the rack bag so it can be easily broken down and carried/checked
Helmet. Would likely just clip on outside of the rack bag.
All the gear laid out
Brompton packing
Bag to check

Keeping things charged on bike tour

Keeping things charged – beyond batteries and dynohubs, where to plug in?
  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants
  • Gas stations
  • Grocery store eating areas
  • Outside – look for plugged in things and check behind. Often there’s a free outlet (soda and vending machines, lights, signs, etc.)


Hey Tim,
     Just wanted to share that the weather and my schedule finally aligned so that I was able to get my first bike overnight under my belt. Not anything super exciting, but did a good 46 mile ride from my house to John Bryan State Park near Yellow Springs Ohio, and then back the next morning. I didn’t really explore the park at all, I was pretty beat by the time I got there, so just cooked some dinner and got a fire going and relaxed at the campground.
Lessons learned:
1. My legs aren’t as strong as I thought they were!  I’m used to fairly flat roads here in central Ohio, but the last 10 miles to the park had some rolling hills coupled with a pretty good headwind, and I ended up having to hop off and push my bike up the last steep climb into the park.
2.  Make sure your bike fit is really dialed in before a loaded bike trip. This was my first real long ride on this bike with it loaded with all my gear, and I started getting some pretty bad knee pain on my way home the second day. After checking some adjustments I ended up tweaking the saddle position a bit, so hopefully that will solve it.
I have some more pictures up on my instagram @goingforabikeride , but here are a couple.

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You’ve been hearing about Jason Kent and his music for 79 fine episodes. I got news for ya. New. Sunfields. Album. This August.

Bike Touring Gift Guide

Holiday Bike Touring Gift Guide

Just say no to the bikey pizza cutter. I mean, delicious, but no. This is a bike touring gift guide for the bike tourist in your life (hint: this might be you).  These are (almost all) things I personally use and love.

Bike Touring Gift Guide

Tent: Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 2 person ($125)

This tent saved me from a flood. Like, for real.

Sleeping bagHyke and Byke 32º down sleeping bag ($99)

A newer addition to my gear… works great and super affordable.

Ultrlight StoveEtekcity Ultralight foldable stove ($9.99)
Runner up: Trangia Spirit Burner alcohol stove  ($14.53)

Love the Etekcity, and the Trangia is a great value.

Lights: Portland Design Works Radbot 1000 ($29)
Runner up: Ascher USB rechargeable LED set ($13.99)

I swear by PDW as my rear light, and I just bought the Ascher set for Kimberly.

Bike Touring Gift Guide

Panniers: Ortlieb back roller classic (prices/colors vary)
Ortlieb front roller classic (prices/colors vary)

Look, there are a lot on the market. But Ortlieb stands the test of time for me. Plus: orange.

Dry Bag: Sea to Summit eVent Compression dry bag, large ($42.95)

I think this is one of the most clever items on the list… waterproof but lets air out for easy compression. I use the large size for sleeping kits, but all sizes are great.

Support the Parks: National Park and Federal Land Annual Pass ($80)

I ride the C&O a lot, and while there isn’t an entrance fee, this pass makes me feel like I support the system. Oh, it also lets me in all the others… which is nice.

Water Bottles: Brita Sport Water Filter bottle (2 pack for $16)

Filters built in make this a great way to help less than tasty water sources (it filters out iodine taste too for you backcountry types with iodine pills).

External Battery: Anker Astro E7 ($60)
Runner up: Anker Power Core 20100 ($40)

Anker is my brand for these.. get the biggest battery that makes sense for you.

Rain jacket: Showers Pass Double Century ($159)

Best rain jacket I’ve ever had. Looks nice too!

Tires: Schwalbe Marathon Plus (Price varies by size)
Schwalbbe Marathon Supreme (Price varies by size)

Nearly puncture proof, but more importantly, Schwalbe stands by their product with great warranties.

Tune up: contact your LBS (price varies by service)

Your bike will thank you.

Maps: ACA maps for a future tour (price varies)

For you paper types!

Stocking stuffers:

  • Freeze dried instant meals
  • Caffeine pills
  • Electrolyte pills
  • VIA Instant coffee packets
  • First aid kit
  • Tubes
  • Patch kit
  • Wool socks

For you big spender types… a touring bike: 
Brompton, Pedalshift Style from CelverCycles in PDX (Oregon has no sales tax!) or your LBS… (just no orange)
Runner up: Surly Long Haul Trucker from your LBS

FYI, some of these are affiliate links.

The Pedalshift Project 056: Bike touring without camping plus Cat from The Joyride

The Pedalshift Project 056: Bike touring without camping plus Cat from The Joyride

Bike touring means a lot of things, but it doesn’t mean you have to sleep on the ground or on top of a picnic table (although both can be awesome). On this episode we uncover the world of bike touring without camping. Plus I have a great chat with the host of The Joyride podcast, Cat Caperello in which we talk about her take on bicycle touring and more. Also a few new things to check out in gear talk and connections with you!

Hey it’s the direct download link: The Pedalshift Project 056: Bike touring without camping (mp3)Pedalshift Project 056 Bike touring without camping

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Have some bike touring or overnight stories to share? Send your pics, audio or a quick tweet – all welcome. Email the show at pedalshift@pedalshift.net or call the lightly-used Pedalshift voicemail line at (202) 930-1109.

The Journal


Recommendation: Listen to the latest Bicycle Story podcast on a 1928 bike tour of 5 African American women who were longing to enjoy the great outdoors. “Their three day ride was about personal pleasure and challenge and calls into question our ideas of who bicycled in history and why.” Great story and thanks to Josh for sharing it with us!

The Oregon Coast Tour

oregon coast 2016 bicycle tour

The Interview

Cat Caperello is a NJ native and the creative force behind The Joyride Podcast and Girl Eats Bike. She started Girl Eats Bike started 5 years ago while on a journey tofind fitness and lose weight. 120 pounds later she boldly proclaims the transformative power of the bike, in our personal lives, our communities,and the world at large.

Cat Caperello Girl Eats Bike The Joyride

Read more and listen more at girleatsbike.com.

Gear Talk

Strava Heatmap

A cool way to see most used bike routes globally…

Bike Touring without Camping

Example 1: Viola guy from 2012 CA ride

Perhaps the most classic example I’ve personally met for bike touring without camping (although he did do some). No food, no cooking gear. Incredibly minimal bivy on front handlebars, water bottles and minimal toolkit. Paid for most things by credit card… lodging often in hotels, but not exclusively. Ate at restaurants (or wherever he stopped).

Example 2: A “unique approach”

We ride road bikes without carrying any gear other than spare tubes, water, and food. A few days before our trip, we shipped our clothes, toiletries, and gear to each of our two hotels. The boxes included return labels and with one phone call, UPS will later ship them home. This approach allows us to travel light and cover more road. (Bike Overnights)


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Jonathan Rinde

Jonathan shares his #44 from the American Cancer Society Bridge to Beach ride… he’s not only a rider and a fundraiser, but also a chance survivor so good on ya for that. Jonathan and his son are riding the C&O and GAP the week after Labor Day, so if you see them on the trail say hello! THANK YOU Jonathan for listening and sharing this fine #44 with me!
jonathan rinde 44

Greg Towner

Greg tweets out a shot from the Erie Canal in beautiful Pittsford, NY… one town over from where I grew up and training camp home to someday Super Bowl champion Buffalo Bills (dream a little dream). Thanks for the mention Greg and hope the ride was as good as it looked!

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The Pedalshift Project theme is America courtesy of Jason Kent off his self-titled solo album. Check out his band Sunfields‘ album, Habitat, wherever cool music resides.  I heard Jason’s new album in January and it is AWESOME. More info when that drops!