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The Pedalshift Project 011: Great lakes and pedaling yetis

We kick off 2015 with updates on upcoming tours, stories of past tours (complete with yetis from Cape Cod) and experimenting with dehydration… no not the bad kind, the good kind!


hey it’s the direct download link for episode 011 (mp3)

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Sorry for the jingles and jangles you might hear in the background… it was a full on zoo within the Pedalshift recording studio since we were rocking temps in the low teens in DC at the time of the recording. For the record, it was Jackson the Cat who disrupted things the most. Louis the Pug will make an appearance in episode 012 in two weeks for the bike touring story, Louis the Pug Bike Touring Experiment #1 of 1.

The Journal

Lake Ontario circumnavigation update

Crazy Guy on a Bike featured journal

Jesse the pedaling yeti

  • Met Jesse on the Border to Border ride… cool guy, lots of interesting perspectives on touring. He put together one hell of a ride last year.
  • Trans America to Pacific Coast… Yorktown, VA to San Diego, CA
  • Never saw the Pacific til this tour
  • Carpenter by trade
  • Saved up for the ride for about a year before leaving a year to the day he came up with it
  • Rocked orange Ortlieb panniers (an excellent choice… mine too)
  • Pack list is really excellent… check it out. (my favorites: flask and cigar cutter)

The Lab

Revisiting dehydration
kale chipsMajor successes
  • Apples – super easy. 1/4″ thick (5-6 mm for metric types). Wouldn’t bother treating the apples as some recipes suggest… They barely brown.
  • Clementines – amazing. Almost like candy, with the added bn fit of some fiber. 1/4″ thick (5-6 mm for metric types)
  • Kale chips – olive oil, Montreal steak seasoning, nutritional yeast. Insanely good.
  • Jerky! Much better than my toaster oven variety because it uses ground meat. Because it also includes jerky cure the end product keeps better.
  • Future tests
    • Fruit leather
    • Grapes to raisins
    • Avocado?
More info, including the dehydrator I’ve been using – Dehydrating your food for bike touring at a camper for bike touring
Ultralight campers for bike touring? – Pedalshift on Facebook


  • Instagram follower Jim Giddens loves the podcast!
  • Instagram follower Ethan Georgi liked the Border to Border story and my enthusiasm – thank you!
  • TonyS on pedalshit.netTim — love your website and podcasts! Episode 008 — The Sweater — was awesome, and is a fantastic testament to the willingness of bicyclists to come to each other’s aide whenever they can.
  • Friend of the show Johhny K – future tour and nice words for Border to Border from episode 010


The Pedalshift Project theme is America courtesy of Jason Kent off his self-titled solo album. Check out his band Sunfields‘ new release, Habitat, wherever cool music resides:


  1. JohnnyK says:

    Well the reason I said I was going to break up my ride to my Grandfather’s into 4 days is because last year (funny 2014) I rode 105 miles in a day to my Daughters house and she took me the additional 25 miles to my Grandfathers in her car but it was still good since I was able to get cleaned up and everything before arriving to the party. I have been on other 100+ mile rides but never crossing so many counties before by myself. In the past I’ve done supported rides even multiple day supported rides and I have done single day self supported rides to the neighboring county and back to see friends. Last year was just the first time I struck out to do a multiple day self supported tour of any kind of distance. So from doing that trip to my Grandfathers I think it will be more enjoyable to break it up over multiple days as I discussed before.

    Well I think you have sold me on the idea of dehydrating my own food to care with me. I really like the idea so I will be working on adding that to my project list. Here are some links to bike campers

    Personally I think the last like has the most potential for bicycle touring however the cost is a bit high. I think you could get a good cargo trailer, tent, plywood/sheets of metal and do the same thing for less.

    Anyway another fine episode Tim I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait for the next one oh and no worries about the sounds from your cat. That’s just keeping it real.

    • Tim Mooney says:

      I like those bike camper links… thanks for sharing! I had an idea today about a trailer that converts into a cot with support legs that fold down. The bottom would be canvas and the top would be like a pop-up tent/camper… super light. I love my tent, but I think it’s an interesting proof of concept thing. So many people have trouble sleeping on the ground, it might be the one thing that gets them out touring and camping!

      Thanks again JohnnyK!

  2. tony says:

    Hey – just found your site and podcasts – just getting caught up. Funny you mention the Pedaling Yeti – I followed his journal on Crazy Guy daily and periodically gave him encouragement on his guest book. Awesome journal, sounds like a really cool guy. Every year or so there seems to be someone who keeps a journal on Crazy Guy that is just great reading, each day has you laughing and wanting more. Another guy, Mike Riscisca (sp?) did the trans-am solo and the next summer did the Northern Tier w friends. His writing was also very entertaining.

    In my 40’s now, but did the Trans-Am back in the summer of 1991 with a (then) Bikecentennial group (now the ACA). I didn’t have any prior touring experience but was a pretty strong 23 year old bike rider. It was a life changing experience, the people I met and places I went were truly amazing. I could talk for hours about it. It was also my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean. Actually the farthest west I had been was somewhere in eastern Tennessee prior to the bike trip.

    I’m in MD, so not far from you, and did the C&O from Cumberland to DC several years ago, I don’t think the trail went all the way to Pburgh at that time. Looking to take my family cross country in 5 years, so need to get them started with some shorter tours.

    Best of luck, great job!

    • Tim Mooney says:

      Thanks Tony! Yeah Jesse is a cool guy. I caught a recent pic on his instagram feed of him at the gym with the crazy snow outside (Cape Cod’s been getting hammered this winter) with a comment of “no excuses” and #handleyourbusiness. Love it. I’ll check out Mike’s journal… might feature that in a future show!

      The connector from Cumberland to Pittsburgh was finally joined up a few summers back. I’ve done it all in pieces, but this year I intend to finally do Pitt->DC (or the other way around) in one 5 or 6 day shot. I love biking the Pacific coast, but this is probably my favorite route on the east coast and it starts only a few minutes from my place in DC and is only 7 miles from my cabin in WV.

      I love the idea of crossing the country by bike with a family. Kids absolutely can do it and what an adventure to talk about for years to come. I always loved the beach vacations we could take when I was a kid, but I wouldn’t mind trading one of those for a few week touring adventure by bike back in those formative years!

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