The Pedalshift Project 031: Bicycle touring eff ups

Brock and Adele from The Sprocket Podcast join The Pedalshift Project! In part one of a two episode Pedalshift Project extravaganza, we discuss our epic mistakes — our bicycle touring eff ups, if you will.1 This is also part of a cross-over with Sprocket Podcast episode 259 with our Friends of the Show from the land of sunshine and bunnies.2

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The Interview

brock and adeleBrock and Adele are stalwarts of The Sprocket Podcast — Adele being a frequent guest of the show, while Brock has been the co-host since the show’s inception in 2010. Their bicycle tours, and their bicycle tour eff ups, have been the fodder for the podcast and their co-written blog, Brock and Adele go Bicycling, chronicaling their 2012 touring adventure to Colorado.


The flood…

The guys from Massachusetts and their “baby effing whale” — if by some miracle this viral wonder hasn’t hit you yet…


The Pedalshift Project theme is America courtesy of Jason Kent off his self-titled solo album. Check out his band Sunfields‘ new release, Habitat, wherever cool music resides. And hey, a video for Ghost!

Featured image (cc) courtesy of Jason on Flickr.

  1. Except we use the actual eff-word, so listener beware.

  2. AKA, Portland, Oregon


  1. JohnnyK says:

    So Brock and Adele I hope you kids are not breaking up I mean your taking separate paths and all. I thought there was a law that said that couples must ride together at all times? Isn’t that in the cyclovist wedding vows? #nocheating Brock good on ya for No alcohol September and now No Smoke October. You know I was a pack to pack and a half smoker before I gave up smoking and the reason was because I thought like most think that you can’t smoke and ride bikes. While you can smoke and ride bikes I don’t suggest it. Riding bikes is my habit now and I think I am so much the better for it. Grant it I don’t smell better just different but at least my health is better for it.
    Tim I hate to say this, but that transit/bike-ride did not sound very much fun to me. The biking parts was fine but the bus part lets just say I have never had much fun on mass transit. I guess because there are too many humanoid lifeforms trapped and crammed in a fast moving tin can does not appeal to me however I will take a bus if necessary and prefer that over flying if those are the 2 choices. Speaking of flying since they started doing full body scans bombarding customers with XRays that literally burns holes in your body at airports I will not take a missile with piped regurgitated air either. I guess about the only mass transit I may try is a train since I have not given it a try yet and I thought about taking the train up to DC to meet you. I was wanting to try and time that for when Brock and Adele goto Boston like they do every year. Not sure when exactly that would be but just thoughts for a good adventure I could possibly take next year. I would be very honored to meet all of you folks. Speaking of going places and doing things. This Saturday I will be near Orlando, FL with Debbie she will be passing out flyers at a Bear festival there to protest this stupid and wasteful bear hunt. As always I will be bringing my bike (have bike will travel you know #notcheating) so maybe I can ride around this small town and snap some pictures and post them while we are there. So if anyone is listening from that area and would like to show up. You can help with the protest and/or protest while getting lost riding bikes with me. Now next month we will be in Dallas, Tx. visiting Debbie’s family, we are taking our camper trailer and will be hitting some parks and places along the way to check out Dallas, TX. I think I will wear my boots and western hat while riding out yonder. After all I did grow up on a horse ranch. Unfortunately I don’t have any chaps, I think I will be able to make the ride to my Grandfathers birthday again this year and if I can I will see if I can borrow his chaps. Maybe I can get some pictures of that this year. Anyway as with your discussion here you know these plans are always up in the air. Part of the adventure and fun is you just don’t know what will happen next and that is exciting and I can’t wait to do these things that we have planned. I’m not sure why you say Schwalbe tires are so expensive? If you think about how long they last you would probably go through 3 other less expensive sets of tires in the same time it takes to wear out a set of Schwalbe’s knock on wood/Formica/or what have ya as I am sacrificing a tricycle to the bicycle gods. As Brock says he’s not superstitious neither am I wink wink… I wish Brock and Adele would have continued their blogging they are really good writers. Maybe we can talk them into writing a book about their travels. I have read all their articles on their blog and I would definitely read their book. Oh and when you are 90 something get a recumbent trike with an electric motor. That is what everyone does and I think that recumbents are about the only truly major change in bicycles speaking to the article I posted and the comment Brock made on The Sprocket Podcast E259. Anyway I can’t think of any other BS that I can add to this really long and drawn out post about nothing worthy of being a national treasure so I think I am going to end it here. Have a good ride and Godspeed everyone!

  2. Tim Mooney says:

    Now THAT is a proper and lengthy comment Johnny K! You’re off the hook 😉

    – We’ll have to do a meetup someday… mark that down.
    – I think the transit ride was a good proof of concept, but I think the way I did it felt like more of a stunt. I learned a lot though.
    – Curious what the biking is like in Dallas! My minimal exposure to the area is it’s super car-centric but I hope that’s not accurate.
    – Schwalbes are a no-brainer in terms of value, but they do tend to be the most pricey on the market. I really liked the idea from Peter Rice (remember him from episode 022) and his mechanic Jerry’s “double tire” hack as a way to make bulletpoof tires on the cheap. I’ve got enough in the budget for Schwalbe, but that’s great for those that want to spend less.
    – Tailwinds johnnyK!

  3. JohnnyK says:

    Yes I remember e022 with the double tire hack. That blew my mind and I never really thought about it before which is strange since I am always looking for a way to save a dollar or two. Today I have tire liners so it would be no stretch for me to use old tires instead. I probably wouldn’t even notice the difference.
    Yeah I am really looking forward to the Dallas trip but I am not sure if we will make it since we have so many things going on. We just keep pushing in that direction and maybe it will happen. No matter what I already have the week off from work so either way I will be doing some riding that week. 🙂 Anyway tailwinds to you too my friend!

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