This section of towpath has a companion: the CSX and Amtrak rail line hugs the far side of the canal bank. Take a break and watch the train zoom by and maybe wave to passengers on the Capitol Limited on their way to DC or Pittsburgh. Midway through the section is the town of Brunswick, MD which is a recommended stop for grabbing food and water. Unlike Harpers Ferry, Brunswick lies on your side of the river, making its bounty much more accessible than its West Virginia rival. The excellent Beans in the Belfry is worth a stop, if only to grab a cup of coffee in a beautifully restored former church, adding stained glass windows with your caffeine boost. Closer to Harpers Ferry, the trail shares space with the Appalachian Trail, so be on the lookout for hikers hauling their gear on their backs and think how much better it is to have yours on your bike!


MM 50.3 Bald Eagle Island