This ten-mile stretch, like so many of the others, is mostly open trail. Other than the great trail town of Shepherdstown (and a possible side-trip to Antietam and the National Battleground), you’ll probably be pedaling through much of this without too much to distract you with a stop.

So, Shepherdstown, WV. I’m not saying it’s the best trail town on the river, but it certainly has some of the best offerings. If Mellow Moods makes a return (as it’s rumored to in 2018) this is an ideal stop for the vegetarian or vegan inclined, but worthy for all omnivores. The town’s bakery and taqueria are also excellent spots to grab some calories. Whether it’s at the beginning or the end of your day, Shepherdstown is worth crossing the river! If staying on the Maryland side is more your speed, Antietam is not too far away, but expect some hills.


MM 75.2 Killiansburg Cave

MM 79.2 Horseshoe Bend