This is another stretch of wilderness-like trail, except for the very small town of Little Orleans. It consists of a private campground (which seems nice enough, and has showers if you need one, but I usually prefer the free C&O ones) and the legendary bar Bill’s Place. Real talk here… I don’t tend to hang at Bill’s too much, but it’s largely because I’m trying to keep moving to Cumberland or Hancock depending on the direction I’m headed. Some people love it, and it’s literally the only place for miles in any direction, so it’s worth the stop if only to cool off for a beverage (adult or otherwise). 

The newest stretch of the Western Maryland Rail Trail can be picked up in Little Orleans (or, if you’re Cumberland-bound that’s where you want to get off to rejoin the C&O). If you want close to 30 miles of paved trail after some time on the dirt, this is a great option.

Camping in this stretch is great, and the remoteness is a real plus.


MM 144.5 Devils Alley

MM 149.4 Stickpile Hill