Several interesting things of note on this stretch, which has the theme of “no, not that one… it’s another one.” Why that theme? Two prominent features have names for better-known versions.

First: Falling Waters. No, not the famous architect’s home… it’s a minor Civil War landmark where the Confederates fled across the Potomac after their defeat in Gettysburg. But it has a sign, so take a second to read it and be happy that you’re not one of the countless disappointed people thinking they’d be rocking some peeps at a home designed by Frank Lloyd-Wright.

Second: Williamsport. No, not the town with little league baseball… it’s a trail town with one of the best cafes (Desert Rose Cafe… if it’s evening, or getting there, check out their ice cream place across the street) on the whole stretch, plus a little NPS visitor center. And by the way, Conococheague is pronounced KAH-noh-KOH-cheek. Roll like a local with that. 

So, this might not be the Falling Waters or Williamsports you were looking for, but they’re nice substitutes.

Also on this stretch, another interstate overpass! This time, it’s I-81, a major north-south route in the region. The bridge spanning the Potomac is seemingly always under construction, and this sometimes impacts the trail below, but generally, you won’t have do more than steer around a small bypass. 

One other interesting point of note… a gun and fishing club sits right on the trail around MM94 . It’s a private club, so trespassing isn’t advised. Do I have to say that? 


MM 90.9 Opequon Junction

MM 95.2 Cumberland Valley