Vol. 1: Pacific Coast 2014

Pedalshift Tour Journals  Vol. 1 is a daily podcast journal of my Pacific coast bike tour, beginning in Victoria, BC and ending at the US/Mexico border near San Diego, CA in the summer of 2014.

pacific coast bike tourThe US Pacific Coast bike tour is one of the premiere extended bike tours in the world. Amenities mixed with temperate weather and solid challenges make for a trip of a lifetime.
My trip was a modified version of the traditional Pacific Coast bike tour… instead of starting in Vancouver, BC my tour began in earnest in Victoria, BC. To be precise, I started in Seattle and took a ferry from there to Victoria, and continued north to Sydney, BC before making the turn south. I rode every inch to the US/Mexico border except for a short stretch from Anaheim to Oceanside (largely to try the Amtrak Surfliner).

As I reflect back on the trip, I realize how much of it I retain in my memory. Some of the portions of the route were well-known (the Oregon coast, Leggett Hill, San Francisco) and some were brand new bicycling experiences (Washington state, Big Sur, Los Angeles). What amazes me is the detailed knowledge I retain of small stretches of the ride. The 100 feet or so at the top of Leggett Hill where I can get a cell phone signal. The places I know I stopped for a bar and a look out on the Pacific from vistas off Highway 1. The precise spots I pitched my tent at Burlington campground along the Avenue of the Giants.

Pedalshift Tour Journals Vol. 1: Pacific Coast – Intro

I remember the songs that got me over the many hills of the route. Thanks Nirvana. And thanks also to Good Morning by The Dandy Warhols… that was always the first song I’d play as I pedaled away from the prior night’s campsite home.

I remember the people I rode with. The United Nations delegation (aka a couple of guys who were European natives, so this American needed to get all UN about it). The school teachers on their summer breaks. The Pedaling Yeti, the cool guy with the dreads and chill demeanor juxtaposed with the physique of a dude you do not mess with.

Will I ever go back? Without a doubt. But I know the adventure will never be the same. The 2014 ride can never be duplicated. But that’s why this Tour Journal is such a treasure to have because I can revisit the ride anytime I want.

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 Pictures from my Pacific Coast bike tour

Seattle tour start
Mt. Baker over water
Mt. Baker (?) over the water from Sidney, BC
touring this a-way
The Pedalshift Project 056: Bike touring without camping plus Cat from The Joyride
Golden Gate in Fog
US-Mexico border
bike touring redwoods